Various commercial plans
and known methods for healthy eating

NOTE:  Most of these plans promote weight loss.  Some of them, promote healthy lifestyles and supplementation.
In the opinion of Mr. Corabi, Health teacher at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush, everyone is different and different plans OR
adaptations to the commercial plans must be individualized for each person.  That said, he recommends plans that are all natural
(not containing artificial ingredients) and he tends to stay away from stimulants.  If Mr. Corabi
was asked to promote one of the commercial plans, he'd select ISAGENIX
If he were to pick 1 method that is established, he'd lean towards Mediterranean but not exactly
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ARTICLE:  Review of some commercial plans and some Established methods
This link above is from a radio talk show BUT it lists several established eating
plans that do not require any additional money

ARTICLE  Paleo Diet = Paleo

ARTICLE  Mediterranean Diet

ARTICLE:  In Depth Look at Ketogenic diet and Ketosis

VIDEO + ARTICLE:  3 benefits of Ketogenic diet = Dr. Axe

ARTICLE  Daniel Fast  

ARTICLE:  "best" commercial diet programs = US News
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