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How can I improve my physical Health through Healthier eating and exercise?

Why is Obesity such a major problem and what are it's effects?

10.1: Concepts of Health     B: Interaction of Body Systems                 C: Nutrition                  E: Health Problems and Disease Prevention

10.2: Healthful Living         B: Health information and consumer choices            C: Health information and the media     
D: Decision Making Skills

10.4: Physical Activity:       A: Activities that Promote Health and Fitness          B: Effects of Regular Participation
D: Activity preferences


1 = Core Concepts = Comprehend concepts [facts] related to health promotion and disease prevention
2 = Accessing Information = Access valid health-promoting products and services
3 = Self-Management = Demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and reduce health risks
4 = Analyzing Influences = Analyze the influence of culture, media, technology and other factors on health
6 = Decision Making/Goal setting = Demonstrate goal-setting and decision making skills to enhance health
7 = Advocacy = Advocate for personal, family, and community health   


By the end of this unit, students will

(6th grade)  
-Categorize foods into “my pyramid”
-Define nutrient and explain the 6 essential nutrients
-Read and comprehend a food label
-Identify foods the body needs more of and the body needs less of based on information concerning nutrients
-describe the digestive process
-Identify methods of prevention of food poisoning
-examine nutritional habits of teens including food choices and their effect on “PISES”

-Describe the 5 components of fitness and types of exercise
-identify exercises and activities that benefit each component of fitness  
-evaluate their personal fitness level and develop a plan to increase activity levels
-Describe the overall benefits of active lifestyles related to PISES

(7th grade)

-review all 6th grade objectives
-Show association of fat, cholesterol and sodium intake in terms of heart disease cancer and other diseases
-compile a food log for 1 week and evaluate using guiding questions
-Discuss eating disorders and danger signs
-Describe how influences effect food choices

-review all 6th grade objectives
-Describe how influences and peer pressure create sedentary lifestyles
-describe correlation of weight gain with physical activity

(8th grade)  
-review all 6th and 7th grade objectives
-Discuss at least 2 possible causes of eating disorders in teens
-Create a menu for 1 full day that is “healthier” then personal normal eating habits
-Calculate caloric intake of food using a food label

-review all 6th   and 7th grade objectives
-Develop a plan that increases their activity levels OR at least 1 fitness component

(High School)
-Review all 6-8 objectives

-Explain factors influencing food choices
-Select Healthier eating choices
-Provide examples of eating healthier
-discuss cost of eating at home vs :”out”
-Define “calorie” and energy “balance” as well as the calorie’s role in weight gain
-Provide examples of Heart Healthy eating and ways to improve this


Unit Description

Morgan Spurlock, the creator of "Super-Size Me", summed it up best when he received a quote from
a former Surgeon General of the United States; (paraphrased) "if nothing is done to stop the trends
towards obesity, it will become the leading cause of death in the United States passing Tobacco use."
and according to some research data, as of 2009, it has.  

In addition and conversely, people's near obsession with body image and weight loss through trendy
commercial based programs is a billion dollar business.

Add all this to the ongoing debates over all-natural, organic vs mass-produced meats/veggies and
prepared foods along with the different costs involved make Nutrition a field with a TON of

This unit at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush is taught in it's full scope as part of Health 2 aka
Wellness.  In addition, Benefits of Healthier Nutritional choices are talked about in most other units
and Nutrients are covered in the Biology classrooms.  

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