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Why do Teens use Drugs?                        What are the effects of Drug use?      

How do I know if I or someone I know is/are misusing drugs?


10.1: Concepts of Health      B: Interaction of Body Systems
D: Alcohol, Tobacco, & Chemical Substances
E: Health Problems and Disease Prevention

10.2: Healthful Living             C: Health information and the media
D: Decision Making Skills
E: Health and the Environment

10.3: Safety and Injury Prevention: A: Safe/Unsafe practices

Common RELA standards utilized in this unit:                

Learning to Read Independently           C: Vocabulary Development   D: Comprehension and Interpretation

Reading Critically in all content areas:                 D: Comparison          E:  Analysis and Evaluation

Quality of Writing:                                A: Focus         B: Content        C:  Organization

Speaking and Listening:                        A: Listening Skills     B: Speaking Skills     C: Discussion

Characteristics and Function of English Language:        C: Application of Words

In addition, content and activities can easily meet several standards in Science, Math, Social Studies and  other subjects
as well as cross cutting competencies.


1 = Core Concepts = Comprehend concepts [facts] related to health promotion and disease prevention
3 = Self-Management = Demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and reduce health risks
4 = Analyzing Influences = Analyze the influence of culture, media, technology and other factors on health
6 = Decision Making/Goal setting = Demonstrate goal-setting and decision making skills to enhance health
7 = Advocacy = Advocate for personal, family, and community health   

OBJECTIVES and content outline:

The objectives in this unit are for grades 6 and up.  Teachers should take care in selecting objectives suitable for their
student’s grade levels and class needs.  If a student is viewing this website and taking part in the activities, recognize that
some material is for other grades.

In general, by the end of this unit,

6th grade students will:  

Define Drug, Tolerance, Addiction, Dependence, Stimulant and Depressant, mis-use, abuse and associated terms with
drug use

Identify and explain Safety Precautions and potential dangers for using  medication as well as  

Recognize that using tobacco and alcohol are illegal

Recognize and respond appropriately to social influences such as peer pressure  

Describe the Short term and long term effects of using Tobacco and alcohol as well as

Examine the #1 used drug in America (Caffeine)

Demonstrate REFUSAL skills

7th grade students will:

REVIEW ALL 6th grade material

Explain city and state  laws concerning underage drinking and tobacco use

Relate the use of tobacco and alcohol to the decrease in wellness in all 5 areas
(physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual) particularly during puberty

Recognize the relationship between drug use, teen sexual activity and violence

Examine the “cost” of smoking (literal amount of $ spent on smoking)

Discuss and recognize the dangers of second hand smoke

8th grade students will:

REVIEW ALL 6th and 7th grade material

Discuss Alcohol poisoning

Discuss drinking and driving and safe responses to loved ones trying to drink and drive

Demonstrate strategies to help teens still say “no” but “save face”

High School:

Define various terms associated with drug abuse

Analyze the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other substances and explain the role that these
substances play in unsafe situations, such as drinking and driving and engaging in sexual activity

Analyze the media messages which promote experimentation with tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
Discuss Positive and negative influences on drug, alcohol and tobacco use

Demonstrate appropriate safe decision making in terms of Tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and drug use and Prevention
skills (coping, resistance, refusal, assertiveness)
by definition, most substances that enter the body other than nutrients or Oxygen.  In a simple world, they would be used to treat illness and help
people's bodies stay in constant balance.  Sadly, they are a much more bigger and widespread problem.  100's of 1000's of people ABUSE drugs
every day.  Many started as a recreational habit for fun while many others use them to escape the self perceived horrors of day to day life including
stress and their poor self concept/self esteem (see Conflict Resolution Unit).   Although undoubtedly some drugs, when used correctly, serve a
purpose of healing and/or correction..this statement is the foundation of this unit:

Some Drugs Can be Helpful but ALL drugs can be harmful

This unit will help students (and parents)  be able to access information that will increase comprehension concerning Drugs.  HOPEFULLY, it will
lead to healthier decisions from our nation's youth!
Most used drugs by high school age students:

CLICK HERE for 2017 trends of drug use in Philadelphia

According to National Data 2017:
"The big 3" still....
1) Alcohol
2) Marijuana
3) Nicotine products (Tobacco and NDS/NDD {vapes} combined)

Followed closely by

4) Medication (prescription and OTC) abuse
(usually painkillers and anti-depressants
****in some communities, medication abuse
is higher than marijuana and tobacco****

5) Club Drugs (Ecstasy/Molly and such)

Was a rising drug problem now sort of plateaued

6) "bath salts" and other synthetic drugs
in some communities, even higher than medication abuse

In addition....a bunch of high school age students still abuse.....

7) Inhalants
usually in rural communities. More prevalent in middle schools)

Not so much in high school but still a problem in USA

Cocaine and/or Crack

Crystal Meth

Substance use and abuse
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