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TEXT-BASED General NOTES for this unit:

1) Conflict  Resolution Introduction and types of conflicts:

Conflict = A Problem.  Can also be a decision that one has to make

Resolution = A solution

Conflict Resolution = A peaceful solution to a problem

Note that a solution isn't always peaceful although the problem will be solved.  

The 3 types of conflicts are (simply put)  
me vs myself,
me vs you,
and me vs "nature",

me vs myself = internal conflict and include dealing with one's emotions/feelings,
stress and self concept

me vs you and me vs "nature"
are external meaning they come
from outside sources.  

Me vs "nature" can be taken literally
(like dealing with weather related
issues, cutting down forests, etc)
or symbolically where it also includes
one's environment or community in
which they live or are a part of


So....a person develops beliefs...then, a conflict occurs..why?  many reasons, (see
powerpoint)...after the conflict, they have a response...the response, or reaction at
times, brings up a consequence.  The consequence or result can be positive or
negative...negative often hurting one's self or others.
3 main types of resolutions win/win, lose/lose and win/lose.  Along with that, each
person has a different conflict management style as part of their personality!  

a person who looks for a win/win
solution is often referred to as a
wise owl...they want both people
involved in a conflict to get what
they want.  Win/win solutions are the
best type of solution but not easily

a person who looks for a lose/lose is often referred to as a compromising
fox...they look for a middle ground where both people give up something but
reach a "fair" settlement.  This is the most common type of solution

a person who looks to be on the winning side of a win/lose situation is often
referred to as a forcing shark.  They tend to overpower their opponents and try to
always get their way.  This can be positive (flip a coin, rock paper scissors), and
often is essential.  Other times, it causes fights.  Most wars are caused simply
because  people with forcing shark personalities are involved.  

a person who easily accepts being on the losing side of the win/lose situation are
often referred to as smoothing teddy bears.  They give in easily because they
don't want to be in the conflict to begin with.  These people tend to not be very
good at peer pressure situations and tend to not have their needs met.

In addition to the above solution types, avoidance is also a possibility.  
Sometimes, avoiding a problem or problem area is a good idea to minimize
conflicts.  Other times, it puts off a situation and never allows it to be solved.  A
person who avoids conflicts often is most often referred to as a with drawling turtle


Definition: to give AND receive information.

There are 5 main types of person to person communication: Words, Facial
Expressions, Gestures, Posture, Other Body Language
Some places will only list 4 types. Notice that of the 5 types listed here, 4 of them
are done without words!!!!!!   4/5 or 80% of communication is without words.  

In addition, many of us hear but don't listen.  It's important to ask questions,
paraphrase make eye contact (when culturally possible), and stay focused when
someone is talking to you.  Clear communication is important to avoid conflict
including with your peers and adults in authority positions.  Clear communication
can also help with avoiding potentially harmful situations such as saying No to
drugs, sex or taking part in illegal activity
Personal and Social Conflict Resolution
and Relationships
General Overview and Communication
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