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Abuse and Dating violence powerpoint = Mr. Corabi

Preventing Dating Violence before it starts
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To keep relationships Safe handout  = Mr. Corabi

Preventing and overcoming abuse MP3 = Glencoe Health

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ME TOO MOVEMENT (sexual violence)

VIDEO = Teens confess-Victims of Dating Violence = Verizon Hopeline

VIDEO : break the silence = CDC
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VIDEO = Study finds alarming reports of teenage Violence = CBS NEWS
March 2015

VIDEO = Report: Dating Violence Numbers rise = CBS news Millersville PA
Feb 2015

VIDEO: Reviving Ophelia as posted on Youtube by "Yaml" 2015
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Spoken word = Relationshops/Dating Violence = posted on Youtube by
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LOVE IS RESPECT:  call to stop dating violence =
National Domestic Violence Hotline

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Teen coalition against rape = TCAR
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A THIN LINE Digital Use vs Digital ABuse = MTV

COMMENTARY = Rape Culture = MTV

ARTICLE:  Does the Twi-light Saga actually promote
Dating violence in today's youth? =  college voice

ARTICLE:  Protecting teens from Dating Violence

PA Statutory rape laws = TCAR

Detailed Sexual Laws for PA = PA General Assembly
(chapter 31)

Men against Sexual Violence = MASV
RELATIONSHIPS (in general)

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Relationships: family and friends ppt = Mr. Corabi

Building the "perfect" partner = "A woman's place"

WORKSHEET FROM "building the perfect partner"

ARTICLE|: Love vs Infatuation vs Obsession =

LOVE vs LUST graphic

Healthy family relationships MP3 = Glencoe Health

Strengthening family relationships MP3 = Glencoe Health

WEBSITES and Web Based activities to promote
Comprehension, Enrichment and Remediation

It's your sex life relationships = MTV
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TEENS and Relationships = ASHA

Article: What are healthy vs abusive relationships = Teen Health

facts vs myths about Divorce - Discovery Health
Relationships NOTES

Relationships come in many types:  Family and Friends are the main
categories but then there are so many sub-categories:

Family = Primary Family = Parents, Siblings, Grandparents,
Secondary Family = Aunts/Uncles cousins

Today, “steps” and “halfs” like step parents, step brothers/sisters,
half brothers/sisters, are more prevalent than ever before

Friends can include classmates, friends, close friends, best friends,

Then there is the “other” category which includes mentors, coaches,
teachers, youth group leaders, pastors, etc.  

In addition, the word “friend” can be used synonymously with
“contact” when talking about social networking (like facebook).  

It ends up being confusing:

In terms of this section, we are using the terms relationships to only
include person to person LIVE interaction.   

There are 7 things needed for a relationship to be successful.  
They are,

1)        Communication
2)        Honesty
3)        Friendship
4)        Trust
5)        Loyalty
6)        Respect
7)        Love

For more details, you must attend the "7 things" classes or purchase
the book.

In terms of Love however, it is very important to make sure we
separate Love from Sex and Love from infatuation

Love vs Sex:  Let’s face it, teens are looking for love.  They may
call it respect, but they are looking for love.  They want to feel
wanted, accepted, and parts of groups.  They do things to fit in even
though they are trying to be different.  

In terms of physical attraction and affection, once a teen creates a
relationship of boyfriend/girlfriend and become a couple, sex is a
natural part of the discussion….should we do it?  When should we
do it?  How long should we be together?  

Bottom line is…SEX is not love.  Sex is Sex..PERIOD.  

Now, sex is a gift that allows 2 people that love each other to
express their emotions together, however, it is only 1 WAY in order
to express love.   Some world views preach wait until marriage.  
Young people that think they “should have sex” with their partner or
“that he/she loves me and I love them” so you do it, are mistaken.  


OUT, NOT THE OUTSIDE IN…Sex is secondary to what really

In addition Love vs infatuation is a confusing topic.  Ask yourself
this when it comes to your boyfriend or girlfriend…Do you love
them or are you in love?  Is it love or infatuation?  

Chances are…you probably do love your partner but aren’t really in
love.  FOREVER is a really long time……PLUS, Many times, what
teens think is love is really infatuation…which, sometimes borders
on obsession. That’s un-healthy!    

Advice….not only should you build relationships from the inside out
not the outside in, but you should take them slow…..if your partner
really loves you, they will accept you for your strengths and
weaknesses and look what’s inside that makes you you….not focus
on the superficial, physical on the outside. They will also trust you
and give you space to hang with friends and not be obsessive.   

Dating Violence

There are generally 4 types of violence:  physical, verbal, emotional
or sexual.

Dating violence may have parts of all 4:

Physical violence examples:  boy friend grabbing your arm and
pulling you into a car or hitting you because you did something that
“mad him mad”

Verbal violence examples:  boy/girl friend yelling at their partner in
front of others, cursing at, threats

Emotional violence examples:  girl friend using guilt to get what she
wants such as “I guess you’d rather hang with your friends then me”
OR “ I though you loved me” or “if you really loved me you’d…”
Or coercing someone to have sex that really does not want

Sexual violence:  broken into 3 categories:

Sexual harassment:  using words of a sexual nature towards a person
who does not want to hear them OR at an inappropriate time

Sexual assault:  touching someone in places of a sexual nature that
they do not want to be touched

Rape: physically forcing someone to have sex.

In terms of dating violence, physical, verbal and emotional violence
are much more common practices although date rape is also a major

See powerpoint on dating and domestic violence fro ways to protect

How to apply it to your life:  

1) Never allow someone to force you to do anything

2) Once a person grabs you, defend yourself...Remember, the 5
stages of self defense are being aware of what's around you (don't
deny), Try to avoid un-safe situations, prevent situations from
getting worse, if needed, use physical confrontation, then, use follow
up (talk to a parent/trusted adult)

3) Don't place yourself in any situations where you are in private
with someone you just met.
Personal and Social Conflict Resolution
and Relationships
Relationships and Violence
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