Obesity and Healthy weight
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Healthy Weight


Obesity, calories and healthy weight brief summary = Mr. Corabi

Weight / Eating Disorders Powerpoint = Glencoe Health

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Maintaining Healthy Weight MP3 = Glencoe Health

SUPER SIZE ME task sheet = Mr. Corabi

20 Diseases caused by Obesity = Dr. Mercola.com

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CDC "Balance" Video

Food Intake and Activity Online Trackers = my pyramid

Healthy Weight = Healthy Lifestyle = CDC

Calculator = Child and Teen BMI Estimator = CDC

Calculator = ADULT BMI Estimator= national heart/lung/blood institute

Article/Video = Healthy Weight...It's not a diet it's a lifestyle= CDC

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CDC Video Player.
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LET's MOVE.GOV = Mrs. Obama's anti-Obesity initiative

American Alliance For Healthier Generation
Obesity, has overtaken smoking as the #1 cause of
preventable death in the United States.  Obesity is related to
tons of chronic diseases and health issues.

It is more important than ever for people to be physically
active and eat a healthier diet in order to reverse the trends.  
If not, today's teens may soon be the first generation to not out
live their parents.

That said, today's young people are moving back into an
exercise and daily physical activity norm where they agree it's
essential part of their life.  Why?  Partly because of a new
caring of physical health and partly due to body image.

Regardless, there are still some people who demonstrate
ignorance about obesity and tend to ..well, ignore, all the
warning signs.  They make comments like "well I'm not on
drugs" or "I love my body for how it looks". That's fine to say
and valid points, but it does not change the fact that people
that do not have a healthy weight..whether obese or under
weight...have more health problems

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