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Exercise, Physical Activity and Physical Fitness

DOWNLOAD:  Exercise and Fitness Powerpoint = Mr. Corabi

QUIZ: Participating in physical activity = Glencoe Health

QUIZ: What's your fitness personality from fit tv

E-flash cards Vocabulary = Physical Activity = Glencoe Health

DOWNLOAD = Fitness Plan Principals = Mr. Corabi

Article: F.I.T.T. Principal = About .com

VIDEO = FIT Principal slideshow to Christimas music = Ming Wei

VIDEO = Fitt Principal slideshow lecture =Ms Granger (you tube)

Article:  SMART GOALS = Health on the run

VIDEO = SMART goals = Dr. Mike Clark as posted on TPG (you tube)

VIDEO=  SMART goals quick review = Tanya Stroh (you tube)

DOWNLOAD = Training Heart Rate intensity worksheet = Mr. Corabi
Training Heart Rate Calculator = Tribelocus

DOWNLOAD = Perceived rate of Exertion = Mr. Corabi
DOWNLOAD:  Basic Principals of Exercise document = Mr. Corabi
Includes information on types of exercise, heart rate intensity and F.I.T. Principal

VIDEO: Components of Health Fitness and Skill Fitness = MussyPDHPE

DOWNLOAD:  Healthy Physical Fitness document = Mr. Corabi
Includes components of fitness

ARTICLE: Primary Principals when you exercise = Dr. Mercola
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There is so much information available today about
exercise and physical fitness, it's difficult to keep up

This page provides BASIC information about exercise
and physical activity including fundamental vocabulary,
key scientifically proven (not just trendy) exercise
principals, and personal preference quizes.

Use the links to the right to download or link to
interesting and relevant information about Basic
Principals of Exercise and Physical Activity.

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