Man fuming as Pizza Hut ‘delivers someone else’s leftovers’ in JustEat mix up

Darren Davies was left feeling ‘hangry’ after a ‘disgraceful’ mix up saw him given a random table’s doggy bag after ordering a Pizza Hut pizza off JustEat

A hungry customer was left feeling furious after ordering a delicious takeaway from Pizza Hut, only to receive someone else’s soggy leftovers.

Darren Davies couldn’t wait to get stuck in to his order when the JustEat delivery driver turned up at his door on Saturday, October 23 – but was disappointed when he opened the box to discover it was not what he’d ordered.

Instead of his American BBQ pizza, the customer services assistant claims he found the remains of “dry, old pizzas” with two different toppings – with a slice missing.

The 42-year-old had been working from home when he ordered a pizza ahead of time to enjoy on his lunch break, but he was busy taking a call when the order arrived – so his brother-in-law opened the door and took the delivery.

Darren recalled: “I finished my call, went downstairs and I took the box. There was no seal on it. I looked at it and it looked like a slice had been taken out. I came back down and said ‘guys, has someone taken a slice of my pizza?’ They were like ‘no, of course we haven’t’.

“I then looked back in the box and thought ‘there’s different pizzas in here. There was a vegetable one, a chicken one. They were all different slices – I’d ordered an American BBQ one.

“Normally, when you’ve got melted cheese there’s a sheen, it’s shiny and smells nice.

“The pizzas were all curled up because they’d been cooked a while before. They just had curled up, dry old pizza.”

After calling up the restaurant to complain, it transpired that Darren had mistakenly been sent a doggy bag from one of the diners eating in the restaurant instead of the fresh pizza he’d ordered.

Darren said: “She said ‘look, I’ll be completely honest. We’ve got customers in store on table 18. They wanted to take their food home so we put it in a box and we were keeping it warm for them’.

“I said ‘let me get this straight. These pizzas have been on the table where people have been talking over it, touching the pizzas and you put it in the box and delivered it to me?’

“She said ‘yes, I am so sorry. There’s been a mix up’. I said ‘well you shouldn’t be mixing up in dining, in food. There shouldn’t be any food mixing whatsoever.

“She said ‘look, it’s disgraceful. I’m really sorry. Come here now and get your pizza. It’s here right in front of me’.”

The restaurant offered Darren the chance to collect the correct order from the store, but sadly he was unable to pick it up as he didn’t have enough time left on his lunch break to make the journey.

Disgruntled Darren said he was forced to carry on working in a ‘hangry’ state and claims he was refused a full refund from JustEat for the delivery blunder.

“I’d worked a whole shift, hadn’t eaten all day and was desperately waiting for my break and I’d ordered the pizza hours before – all in preparation for lunch,” he continued.

“I was dribbling when I heard the door going. All I wanted was my pizza on that day. I had to go back then and be all nice to customers on an empty stomach [while] very hangry.”

Pizza Hut apologised for the ‘isolated incident’ and confirmed they were investigating, while JustEat said they were now processing a full refund for the customer.

A spokesperson for Pizza Hut Restaurants said: “The health and safety of our customers is of the utmost importance to Pizza Hut and we are committed to maintaining high standards in all our branches.

“We are investigating the details of this isolated incident with our restaurant and also with Just Eat. We have reached out to the customer to apologise, ensure he receives a full refund as well as a thank you gesture for raising this to our attention.”