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In addition to the pages linked to above in the
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information on specific topics of safety and disease prevention
Assignment DOWNLOADS
Unlike other units, this Unit does not have a full assignment check list as most of
the assignments will be done in class (but may be completed for homework)

Unit Assignment Check List

In class CPR scenario directions and CPR Scenarios to demonstrate in class

Safety Projects

Disease Projects
Safety and Disease Prevention....:

This "unit" is actually  touched upon throughout the Health and Wellness course but at times, is specifically focused on.  
First Aid/Life Saving page has information and topics concerning fire prevention, poison control, self defense, general first aid, CPR and life saving techniques.
Disease prevention page has information on the prevention and treatment of various diseases.  
In addition, the specific topics of
Cell phone safety and  Internet Safety are focused on their own separate pages and
there is a link to the
Driver's Education web page created by Mr. Corabi for the School District's Driver's Ed program
Safety and Disease Prevention Unit
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