ECIGS, Hookah water pipes,
Smokeless tobacco (Dip/Snuff),


Article:  Truth about Safety of E Cigs = Huffintgon Post Jan 2014

Article: E-Cigs 101 = Web MD

Article and Video: TEENS JUULING = GMA May 2018

Article: E-cigs burn dangers = yahoo news

VIDEO = 17 facts about Vaping that might surprise you =
Buzzfeedvideo on you tube

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VIDEO:  Ecigs commentary = Prager U

Article:  Hookah, Vaping and Ecigs = Helen Brewer and Keri Kulik
representing student union of PSAHERD

ARTICLE:  FDA censoring E-cigs despite data = May 2016

VIDEO:  Residue experiment Smoking vs Vaping = Backcountry Vape
(admittingly, this is a commercial piece for a Vape company)

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Article:  Hookah, Vaping and Ecigs = Helen Brewer and Keri Kulik
representing student union of PSAHERD

VIDEO = Is Hookah Safer than Cigarettes = DNEWS

Hookah Fact Sheet = CDC

ARTICLE = can hookah pipes cause cancer =

ARTICLE = Harmless hookah --  hardly ABC News

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Todd Corabi, teacher

VIDEO = Shisha the silent killer
(video produced for Arabic American Muslims
because Hookah smoking is extremely popular in Middle East)

Smokeless Tobacco, Dip or Snuff

Smokeless Tobacco (= CDC  

All about Smokeless Tobacco = Menstuff

Key points of Smokeless Tobacco = National Cancer institute

Smokeless tobacco facts = CDC

ARTICLE AND AUDIO Smokeless tobacco =

Cigars and Pipes

Cigar Smoking = American Cancer Society

Cigars = CDC

Pipes and Cigars = Web MD

Effects of Smoking Cigars = EHOW

Call the Pennsylvania Free Quitline today:
VISIT the following 2 websites

Determined to Quit .com

TOBACCO - Smoking (Cigarettes)


TOBACCO = Todd Corabi

HANDOUT: "cost of smoking" activity

Tobacco use DATA from CDC

The OFFICIAL website =

Slideshow = Second hand smoke = medicinenet

Infect the truth = smoking facts

ARTICLE:  Smoking age 21 in NJ now =

VIDEO: How are Cigarettes made =
Posted in YouTube by Michael Frudiger
(orginally from History Channel)

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Effects of Smoking on your Body

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6th grade curriculum

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PFIZER The Doctors

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VIDEO:  What happens when you STOP smoking = ASAP Science

VIDEO: How smoking effects your Health and getting help =
PFIZER The Doctors

ARTICLE:  How to Detox your longs = Ways and How
(possible not proven)
Substance use and abuse
Tobacco = Smoking and Nicotine
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