Overviews/history etc.

SLIDESHOW: Marijuana Overview for class =
Mr. Corabi

Comprehensive in depth Marijuana facts = drugfreeworld.org
includes a PDF/slideshow

COMPLETE overview of Marijuana = NIDA

VIDEO:  Truth about Marijuana = drug free world

Uses of Cannabis plants  b/c not all are drugs = Wikipedia

Cannibis Sativa vs Cannibis Indica = LeafScience

Cannabis Plants Biological description = Wikipedia  
Substance use and abuse
This page contains 3 sections of information:  
1) ABOUT Marijuana (overview, history, known effects, laws, how it's used/sold etc
2) Medical Marijuana Debate and Info
3) Recreational FULL Legalization debate
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Main Topic Pages for this current unit:  

CLASS ASSIGNMENT =Marijuana Debate Assignment

Medical Marijuana in PA:  
What conditions it can be used for = PENN LIVE NEWS

Dry Leaf Marijuana now legal in PA (August 2018) = NBC PHILLY

Liberty Dispensary in Philadelphia
NOTE:  This is a "store" for medical cannabis products.  
It appears ONLY to show pictures and definitions of the varieties
of medical grade Marijuana offered in PA

Should Marijuana be a medical option = pro con .org
This page is an impressive, awesome and generally neutral source looking at
all different areas of medical marijuana debate  

VIDEO = What we KNOW about Marijuana 2017 revised =
Health Triage Corporation
(watch 6:12 first then watch whole video)

Article:  "Don't Call It Pot" article from Time magazine 2010

What is Marinol = Drugs.com

ARTICLE:  DEA does not re-classify = August 2016 Motley Fool

ARTICLE: 8 things to know about legal pot = Fox48/CNN 2016

ARTICLE: The difference between medical and recreational marijuana
Leaf science 2014 as reprinted from World Health association

VIDEO: Help for Opiate Abuse? = Dr. Oz

Medical Cannabis = Wikipedia
includes long term effects

True facts of Marijuana as medicine= NIDA July 2015

List of States where Medical Marijuana is legal = pro con .org

Slideshow: Medical Marijuana = WEB MD April 2015

ARTICLE:  Medical Marijuana alternative to pain killers = VOX.com

SUMMARY: Endocannibinoids and the EDCBN system = Medscape
humans have a natural system in our body that utilizes
SOME but not all of the chemicals coming from Marijuana
(note: some articles are from pro pot advocates)

CLASS ASSIGNMENT =Marijuana Debate Assignment

History of legal Marijuana use = wikipedia

VIDEO: Marijuana...the truth = Steven Crowder

Cost Benefit Analysis =  ritzhotls.com

Cost of Legalized Recreational Marijuana = International Business

ARTICLE: Comparison "cost of Alcohol vs Marijuana" = Washington Post   

VIDEO: 12 Interesting Facts about Marijuana = Infographics show
2015 but VERY Accurate still

ARTICLE:  Link to Psychosis delays legalization in England
The motley fool Dec 2015

ARTICLE: 8 things to know about legal pot = Fox48/CNN 2016

VIDEO: Hemp Conspiracy and Versatility = Top 5's You tube channel

ARTICLE:  9 things you need to ask about Marijuana but were too stoned to ask =
VOX.com 2014

Article = Marijuana’s march towards mainstream confounds feds =
yahoo news July 2013

ARTICLE:  Marijuana-relatively safe with some effects = VOX.com

ARTICLE: Potentially bad news for recreational Marijuana movement = December

GRAPH: Majority of Americans support legal Marijuana = VOX.com

State by State Marijuana laws = NORML

EFFECTS of Marijuana......

QUICK REAL FACTS about Marijuana use
Dr. Harold Voth, senior Psychiatrist for the Menninger Foundation

SEE Effects portion of
Medical Cannabis

VIDEO = Brain on Cannabis = ASAP Science

VIDEO = Is Marijuana harmful = Healthcare Triage

ARTICLE:  Common effects of Marijuana use..some disputed
Test center.org

ARTICLE: Terrifying Impact of Marijuana on the brain that people never
talk about = Julia Melaney 2018 as posted on "Cheat sheets"

ARTICLES:  regular "pot smoking linked to long term ailments = LA
TIMES and Philadelphia Inquirer

ARTICLE:  Marijuana linked to Heart Disease: CNN Nov 2016

ARTICLE:  "other" pros and con effects of Marijuana use
Test center.org

ARTICLE:  What smoking weed does to teen brains =  Oct 2014

ARTICLE: Casual Marijuana Use changes shape of brain = April 2014
with research from Science Research Group = April 2014

ARTICLE:  Mix Alcohol and Marijuana? = April 2014 Medical Daily

Article = Gastro-intestinal problems due to Pot =

Article:  Vomiting Disorder on the rise in Colorado = US NEWS

ARTICLE: Is it true Marijuana does not cause Violence? = March 2014

Article = Synthetic marijuana almost causes death = CNN

Article:  Does Marijuana cause long term effects on the brain = STAT

VIDEO:  Your Brain on Edible Marijuana =ASAP Science
(more high but safer still?)

VIDEO: Cross-fading Alcohol and Marijuana = Asap Science

How is it prepared, sold and used.....
(what to watch out for and know...)

Methods of Use of Cannabis = Very Well

1Marijuana- some of it's many forms = About.com
(see medical marijuana section too)

Common Forms of Marijuana AND effects = ADF

Visual Guide to Amounts of Marijuana = Green it

Article = Dabbing causes severe burns = Drug Free world

Hashish aka Hash

Hemp....some types are actually a food = Wikipedia
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