Substance use and abuse
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Heavier and Not so Safe Drinking

VIDEO: Youth Binge Drinking =CBC News

STATS from CDC Binge Drinking

VIDEO= Binge Drinking the facts (2011) = as posted on

Slideshow = effects of heavy drinking =

VIDEO: Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning - The Doctors

Fetal Alcohol syndrome =

Community Guide to preventing excessive Alcohol use = CDC

VIDEO: Cross-fading Alcohol and Marijuana = Asap Science

Alcohol Addiction/Abuse

Alcohol Addiction = Drug Rehab Connections

Overview:  Alcohol Addiction history, abuse
submitted by Carlos Davila
Outreach Coordinator The Recovery Village May 2017

VIDEO: Alcoholism (you tube) = by Jackie Kovack
Rush Arts class of 2013

VIDEO:  Drugged High on Alcohol =
as found on how to help a alcoholic you tube channel

Am I an alcoholic or problem drinker quiz

Are my parents problem drinkers?

Do I need to attend Al-Anon? self quiz

Blood Alcohol Level/Concentration

ARTICLE  Testing the limits of tipsy
(factors that change blood alcohol level) = Wall Street

VIDEO:  Try Guys test BAC = Buzz Feed

Blood Alcohol Concentration/level EXPLAINED =
aware/awake and alive

Calculator: Blood alcohol ESTIMATE online
not to be confused with a DEFINITE level.  Also available
in "apps"

Drinking and Driving
see also laws

VIDEO = Every 15 minutes (drinking and driving/careless

VIDEO = Shattered Dreams (drinking and driving)
(there's like 50 "shattered dreams" videos  from different
high school
around the country if you do a you tube search)


FAQ for Alcohol = CDC

GOOGLE SLIDES = Alcohol = Mr. Corabi
includes a "quiz" assignment

VIDEO:  Truth about alcohol

VIDEO:  What is a drink = Mind your Decisions

Article: Why do [teens] drink =
national institute for alcohol abuse 2006

GIRLS and Drinking (specific to gender)

VIDEO:  Alcohol and the Teenage Brain =
Turning Point Training

VIDEO: health benefits of drinking wine? = ABC news
for people over 21 of course
It's 21 -- just pass
(NFL and Discovery Channel-----quizzes, videos ,etc)