SELF: Text Based NOTES


me vs myself = internal conflict and include dealing
with one's emotions/feelings, stress and self concept


Our personality is by definition who we are.  It is
defined by our genetics from birth, our cultural,
religious and family influences and the environment in
which we live including our peer groups.   Within the
past several years, social media and the internet has
largely taken over as the #1 influence in teens
decisions, behaviors and often times, how they feel
about "self"

Someone's personality also helps to define their
learning styles...some people learn by
seeing/reading..some learn by hearing/writing
while still others learn from doing and experimenting.   

Terms to know:

SELF = Who you are

Self Esteem = How "high" or "low" one thinks abut
themselves. Some "experts" say this is an imaginary

Self concept = how one looks at themselves which
may or may not be different than someone else looks at

Self Image = How someone thinks that others think
about them

A person with a positive/healthy sense of self   
recognizes their strengths and weaknesses, their
learning styles, and their goals in life (short term at
least if not long term).  A person with a healthy self
esteem knows what their limitations are and makes
learns to love who they are.

Conversely, a person with a poor sense of self thinks
bad about themselves,  A person with a low self
esteem may become depressed, and a person with a
self esteem too high, will push others away.  

Not being able to positively express one's self, low
self esteem and poor self concept and all lead to
depression or worse!  It is important to seek help if you
are suffering.

In addition,
Body image is how someone sees their
specific physical body.  A negative Body image has
someone see themselves as "too fat", "too skinny", too
"ugly" etc compared to what other people think.

A healthy body image is realistic using science and
biology..recognizing different body types and

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are extreme eating behaviors that can
lead to serious illness or even death.

These disorders are often related to other problems,
such as the following:

Unrealistic body image
Low self-esteem
Depression and other emotional pain

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which a
person has an intense fear of weight gain and starves
herself or himself.

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder in which a
person repeatedly eats large amounts of food and then

Binge eating disorder, or compulsive overeating, is an
eating disorder in which a person repeatedly eats large
amounts of food at one time.
WEBSITES and Web Based activities
to promote Comprehension, Enrichment and Remediation

Individuality - posted on youtube

SURVEY: How are YOU doing?  - Above the influence

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VIDEO: Girl Body Image =
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article: How to raise girls with healthy self esteem

article: being you is a wonderful thing (body image)

ARTICLE: Shave or not to shave? = Grace Wompold
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ARTICLE:  FAT PHOBIA = Jordan Chester 2016
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Looking expressions of emotions/feelings, Stress or Self Harm
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Positive below?

Above the Influence of others:
Eating disorders


Eating Disorders video (wmv)
created by Kate Sweeney,
10th grade Rush Arts (2010-2011)

Weight / Eating Disorders Powerpoint
= Glencoe Health

Body Image and Eating Disorders MP3
= Glencoe Health
Personal and Social Conflict Resolution
Self Esteem, Self image, Body Image
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