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As you may have read on the "emotions" page, if a person is suffering from
stress OR perceives they have stressors in the life they do not know how to
manage OR lack the ability to have positive expressions of feelings, these can
all lead to various negative expressions of the emotions including anger control
problems, violence, drug and alcohol use, isolation, or self hurting such as
scratching and cutting one's self.  The reasons vary on why these are the
possible reactions but the overall summary is that they are trying to "feel"
better or trying to "escape" or rather "relieve" the emotional pain.

Lack of coping or management of stressors and emotions can lead to negative
self image as well as depression. It is important for young people in particular
to recognize that no matter how bad it is, things can ALWAYS get worse.  It
is up to each of us as an individual to find what HEALTHY, POSITIVE
method or technique works to help alleviate our stress and manage our
stressors.  We should never purposly hurt someone else or ourselves!

IF a young person has clinical depression, it MUST be treated by licensed
Health care providers
Personal and Social Conflict Resolution
Self Harm

DISCLAIMER:  This page is NOT advocating for teens to self-harm AND is not meant to endorse
any particular
therapy or trigger any particular emotions.  It is included
as a resource for advocacy to support those who self harm and give positive, more healthy ways to
cope with life's daily pressures
For Help with expressions of Emotions/Feelinsg, Stress Management, and Sense of Self
visit appropriate page on the navigation menu to left
DISCLAIMER:  At bottom of page.  
Educational Resources
What is Self Harm
Stats, Alternatives, Suicide Awareness

NOTE:  I've been asked to post some of the variety of Short films where actors portray young people struggling
with self harm / suicide attempts on you tube. I purposely did not
post any of these because some are graphic.  The one's I view such as
"a better place" and "If we Love" do have outcomes where the people who self harm seem to seek help


STATS Powerpoint = Suicide, Cutting and other Self  Harm = CDC's YRBS 2015 stats
Philadelphia, PA and USA

VIDEO:  Why do people Cut themselves OR self harm = DTV/Seeker

ARTICLE: Rates of Non-Suicidal Self Injury = As posted in a Pediatric Journal 2012 by
Andrea L. Barrocas, Benjamin L. Hankin, Jami F. Young, John R. Z. Abela

VIDEO: Why do people Self-Harm = Amy Christina
(Note to Rush Arts students
Amy Christina is in the video I show in class but has since taken that video down)

VIDEO: Types of Self Harm ..more than just Cutting = Like Kristen 2015

VIDEO: Self Harm Mis-Conceptions = Like Kristen

VIDEO:  Self Harm Alternatives = Amy Christina

SAFE = Self Abuse Finally Ends


Article: How wide spread is cutting handout = TEENHELP.COM

Article: Why teens cut themselves

SUICIDE Awareness and Prevention

VIDEO:  Why do People Commit Suicide = DTV/Seeker 2013

Article:  Suicide now leading cause of death by injury

ARTICLE: New study finds more kids are thinking about or attempting suicide = KYW News Radio, May

ARTICLE:  Youth Suicide Rates on the Rise among LGBT = KYW News Radio, 2018

ARTICLE:  Suicide Rates Increase = KYW News Radio, 2018

Information Article:  Drug Rehab (Self harmfocus) = Addiction Center (Florida)

VIDEO:  If we love = posted on youtube...
unintentional suicide intervention
(power of our actions)

National Suicide Prevention Life Line
800-SUICIDE (784-2433)


posted by mental health resources of psych central

10 things NOT to say to a Suicidal person
Written by Stacey Freedenthal, PhD, LCSW MARCH 3, 2015

Preventing Suicide (coping skills) MP3 = Glencoe Health
                                           "cutting" or "carving" is a
                                                     way that some people
attempt to
                                                  "let out the pain" they are
feeling due to
life's pressures
(real or perceived).
Hold mouse over
image of the stick man to
see a graphic example
of carving

See notes
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