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Emotions/Feelings/Expressions : Text Based NOTES


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Emotions are part of every person.  In Star Trek, the Vulcans were famous for
suppressing their emotions or keeping them help inside.  This isn't always a good
idea.  Our emotions cause feelings which are temporary but powerful.  Feelings
are expressed whether we want them to or not.  Sometimes, people express
feelings in positive ways while other times, they are expressed negatively. It is
important to express feelings in a positive, healthy way  because if they are not,
they will eventually cause us or someone else harm.  

Generally speaking, Positive expressions of emotions and feelings are Healthy for
you and help you to feel better even if it's only for a little while. The key is though
that in order to be positive, they can't be negative.

You might think "duh...no kidding they can't be negative".  Let me explain.  A
negative expression of emotions and feelings is any action which:

hurts another person          hurts something else  OR     Hurts one's self.

Often times, teens who have trouble expressing their emotions and feelings, end
up hurting the friends, family and other people closer to them by yelling and
fighting with them.  They also turn to negative things including the "wrong" friends,
alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, or self hurting such as but not limited to
scratching and cutting.  In addition, at times, they withdrawal and try to be alone
because "people just don't understand" them.

Suggestions on how to express feelings in a healthy way vary based on the
feeling.  Sometimes, you may need to cry..other times, writing about it, talking to
someone or doing something enjoyable can help.  It all depends...

If you don't know how to express your self...get help from a trusted adult (friends
may or may not have the best answer for you either...not that adults will all of the

Anger and Anger Control

When Angry at someone, it is important to respond rather than React.  Wait 10
seconds before saying something back...take a deep breath...walk away and give
yourself a time out.  When we react, we often make a situation worse and say
things harmful we shouldn't have said.

anger "triggers" are different for everyone and people often make the mistake of
saying "you shouldn't get angry over that" when in fact, we can't tell someone else
what they can and can't get angry at.  We can tell them why we don't get angry
about it, or how they can respond differently so their anger does not get
expressed negatively (hurt someone, something or one's self), and we can say we
don't understand why they got angry..but we truthfully do not understand what the
other person is feeling when they get angry.

That is not to say people that get angry have a built in excuse.  Rules and laws
need to be followed and of course, we need to try not to hurt relationships just
because one of our buttons was pushed....getting angry is different than
expressing anger.
Personal and Social Conflict Resolution
including Anger Control
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Failure to learn how to express one's feelings/emotions
properly can lead to violence or self harm...please see
appropriate pages for more information  

NOTE: IF a young person has clinical depression, it MUST
be treated by licensed Health care providers
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