December 9, 2014

I got my report card today and as usual, I did well.  I mean, not to sound cocky but I listen in class, do all of my work and understand math stuff really well.  I rush through reading
and writing because I don't love it but my teacher says I could get advanced in that too.  I received all Advanced and Proficient in everything.  Because of this, Daddy said I can have
2 hours of video game time back from my lost agreement I made Saturday but I had to use them wisely.  If I went over, I lost time.  He also agreed after careful negotiation (begging),
to allow me to do only 1 week without video games instead of 2 if I stop complaining and deal with it like a good big boy.  I figure with the 2 hours I get, if I use 1 hour each day or 30
minutes each day, it;s like I'm not really off them anyway just cutting back so DEAL!

December 6, 2014

While on my way to Center city with my Mommy and Daddy to do Christmas stuff.  and I really want to play with a pack of new Pokemon cards I got from Toys R us.  So, i said to Daddy,
"Can I have them now and not for Christmas if I give up video games for 2 weeks!".  He agreed.  Now I think I made a huge mistake.  I LOVE video games; they are my favorite thing to do
and I think I messed up 2 weeks all because I wanted to have fun right away.   

December 4, 2014

Well as you can see it has been a while since me or my Dad updated my website, Since July 6th, I've gotten to do a lot of cool things.
We did go to Niagara Falls and Bushkill Falls like I mentioned.  WE LOVED Niagara falls!  It was so cool to see!  We took a boat ride under the mist of the main falls and got to walk through
tunnels that went in a mountain behind the main falls.  There were a few doorways that opened to the falls and they were super loud!  We also did a 4D movie event about how the Falls were
made and that was fun too. The following week, we went with my friends Julia, Bella and Vivi to Bushkill Falls.  They were not as big but we did a 3 mile nature walk and got to see 7 different
Water Falls.  At the end, I won a pin for completing a treasure hunt contest and the lady was nice and gave each of the girls one too!

Throughout the rest of the summer I went down the shore a bunch of times and got to play with my cousins but I also went on a couple day trips with Mommy and Daddy including the NJ
Aquarium.  Pictures of all these things are on my picture site and the slideshow appears above.  

This fall, I began my 2nd year of travel soccer and it's over now.  My team played in 2 leagues finishing 4th in ICSL D1 and 2nd in UJSL D1.  I did okay but missed a bunch of Sunday games
due to church (Daddy let me choose and I chose going to church instead of the games).  The Sunday games were easier so when I did go on Saturday's, I didn't play that much.  Daddy said
I'm good but not good enough to be a "starter" on an 8 v 8 team.  For Indoor, I am playing on 2 teams..miy regular team and another team that I'll get lots of playing time on.  I didn't score one
point but it's cool...I had fun with my friends

I missed our last game because I went to my 3rd grade teacher's wedding.  I sat through a super long Catholic Mass (no wonder all my catholic friends complain about church) then got to go
to a cookie reception for a little while.  It was nice and I was excited I was invited.  

So everyone knows my
Uncle John is a big time singer who use to sing for Motley Crue, Union and the Scream but I also got to meet another celebrity recently..the lead singer of "For King and
Country". They are an Australian Christian band that now lives in Tennessee and tours.  
Click here to listen to my favorite song they sing   Anyway, I went with my Mommy and Daddy and my
friend Kenny and his Mom.  After the concert, the singer was posing for pics with everyone and he was really nice.  

This past fall I also tried roller hockey...Well..I am much better at hockey when I play with my friends then when playing with experienced players. They move so fast on those skates I was
virtually standing still.  So...not such fun but I still love hockey!

For Halloween, I dressed up like a sumo wrestler.  I didn't want to be a sumo wrestler but it ended up being super funny!  Problem was, we went to Florida for Halloween because my family
was invited to a wedding down there and where the wedding was.....NO HALLOWEEN!  That stunk!  But, my friend's Mom gave me a big bag of candy that was cool

Only to find out I couldn't eat half of it because I had 4 cavities.....2 of them sealed themselves with natural stuff My mommy has me do like oil pulling and water picking with grape seed stuff. chewy candy for me..ugh

I also had a bad thing happen..for the first time, someone stole something from me.   A kid in school stole all my favorite Pokemon cards on me.   I thought I knew who it was too!  I was really
mad!  I told my parents and Mom called his Mom acting like we didn't think it was him but asking if a particular custom card Daddy made me got "mixed up" in his cards.  His mom never
called Mommy back. and my friends were playing in school and I talked to the boy I thought took them and the next day, he came into school and gave me back my cards.  He asked
if we were still friends and I said no.  Daddy told me that's's important as a Christian to forgive people but I don't have to forget about it.  If I can't trust him not to take my things, it's
okay if I don't play with him.  I'll be nice to him if I have to work with him as a partner in school but no more going to birthday parties at his house or playing with him...unless I can start
trusting him again.  

So I still go to Cross Check and Daddy is still a leader but this year, he is also a teacher.  I am in the lead for points and can't wait until final points are done!
I also and still playing piano..I wasn't loving it for a little bit but now I do again!  AND..I started playing trombone for school.  That;s to easy but is getting more challenging.

Also, I worked on Operation Christmas child again with Mommy and friends from church.  We filled over 50 boxes!  It was nice to help other little kids.  
Finally, Daddy took me to Dave and Busters this past Tuesday.  It was the first time I ever went and it is my new FAVORITE place to eat even better than Buffalo Wild Wings!

Will update soon!

July 6, 2014

SUMMER!!!!!  SO much fun.  Mommy and Daddy are both teachers of course so they have off and take me to do lots of stuff.  This past week, they took me to Wawa Hoagie day and the
U.s. Constitution center.  They didn't even think I liked it that much so that night, I made it a point to thank them for taking me to all the places.
Last weekend, my soccer team..well 9 members of my soccer team went to "beach blast" for the first time for a soccer tournament and we WON!.  Very exciting!
Soon, we will go to Niagara Falls Canada, Bushkill Falls, Pa and other trips.  I love Summer just like a happy snowman!    

May 12 2014

It has been a long time since my Daddy and I updated this webpage.  Not only are we both very busy but, it seems like the older I get, the less pictures we take of me.
Anyway, this 2014 year has been full of ups and downs.  On a sad note, my Pop Pop died.  That is the 3rd grand parent I have who has died since July 2013.  Very sad but I believe he is in
Heaven with Jesus so I'm okay with it.  Also, my big brother was rushed to the hospital with a messed up Appendix then again with an infection but he's doing okay now.  

At the time this is being written, my soccer team is in the STATE CUP CHAMPIONSHIP for the 2nd division of EPYSA Challenge cup.  We also won the INDOOR championship
Also, my Baseball team is doing really well...I pitched an inning too...struck out 3 and gave up 6 walks so not so good but could be worse.

My latest piano recital saw me play 4 songs (1 posted on this website) and I also played in a coffee house concert at FBC!  

Overall, everything is going well with grades are good, my grades are good, my teams are good..I am doing well with the teams, my piano playing is good, my family loves me, and
God loves me.  

See you later!

Giovanni Vincent Corabi
9 years old!  My Journal