Giovanni Vincent Corabi
8 years old Journal
Current news:


I am going to keep this short.  This is Gio's Dad and I am so proud of the "big" boy my son has become.  I joke with him that he will be
able to get any girl he wants to be his girlfriend when he gets older because he is cute, intelligent, athletic, talented, cool, and nice.  Gio is
well liked by most of his peers and he proclaims he is "one of the more popular boys in the 3rd grade".  He is very smart and gets all high
marks in his grades, standardized tests and is advanced for his age.  But, he is not nerdy as the "popular/cool" factor attests.  He is athletic
although not the best at any one sport.  His team is very good so he is a sub most of the time but put him against kids not on his team in
school or cross check, he often excels.  He only needs to toughen up and he will be great!  He is talented as his piano playing excels with
little practice well beyond a normal 8/9 year old.  With more practice, he could be a prodigy but we don't over push him.  He is adorable
with his light blue eyes and darker hair..we keep getting modeling calls for him but too busy with work to take him.  Finally...he is a good
boy.  He follows rules, HATES getting in trouble by me, his mother or his teachers, REALLY hates if anyone else gets made at him for
not being "good" and gets very frustrated when his friends are not being good.

My prayer is that he will continue to be all these things for me. his momma and his friends.  I love you son and you are the most important
thing in my life

Happy Birthday 2014


Hello everyone!  It's the day before New Years Eve and I am taking a break from my NEW Android tablet Grandma Mimi bought me to
update my website.  When I last updated this, I was trying to win the cross check points total and I did!  I ended up winning a Nerf Dart
Tag gun and was 75,000 above the 2nd place person; and he was he senior!.  I DESTROYED the other juniors by over 200,000 points
more !  It was awesome.  I also did really good on my report card but Mommy and Daddy did tell me I need to put more effort into my
work.  My teacher complained that I make stupid mistakes because I rush through my work.  Math comes easy but Reading, I rush to get
done first and it makes me forget things.  They weren't made at me but did say they want me to do the best I can and not to rush.  

So it's Christmas time and I got lots of cool things.  I already said Mimi bought me my first android tablet,  It's fun.  I mainly want to play
game apps on it but it also has a camera and I can listen to music on it and play my math games and school stuff.  I am a big boy now to
have it.  I have to be careful though or Daddy will punish me from it.  I also got lots of lego toys and they are awesome putting together.  
We went to church Christmas eve and came home and had lots of food.  We ate lots of food Christmas day too and I played in a floor
hockey tournament at my cousin's house.  Then we went to the Poconos and I spend almost 3 days with my friends Giula, Bella and Vivi
and got my own side kick (Luca...I am Daddy's sidekick).

Well there was one really scary thing that happened during the time since I last updated this big sister Maria got into a big car
accident and almost died.  She ended up in the hospital for a week and couldn't walk most of the time.  Mommy took off work to help
take care of her.  She is okay now but is still hurting.  Wow!

So in a couple days, it'll be 2014...WOW!  Happy New Years everyone


It's been quite some time since Daddy has updated my web page.  I think part of that is laziness and part of that is he is just too busy with
everything he does.  Anyway, I'm back for a fall update.  

I guess the biggest thing that happened to me was that I broke my arm (Daddy edit:  He had a hairline fracture of hi right ulna..forearm
bone between elbow and wrist, pinky finger side).  I broke it playing football in the back yard.  There was a fumble and my friend Brian
tried getting the ball and slid and kicked my arm.  It was an accident but I missed 3 games of soccer because of the stupid cast.  My first
broken bone!

Anyway...I went back to school in September and was a little nervous because I didn't have any friends in my class but it's okay now.  I
have the best teacher in the 3rd grade!  I am also the 4 Squares Champion of Rydal (although Sean Martin told my Dad he beats me a lot
which is true).  I am in APEX again which is cool but I was not accepted to Science club...they said they needed to give other kids a

For soccer..I made the Fox Chase U9 travel team and we're called F.C. United.  At the time I am writing this, we are 7-1-1 an in 3rd
place but only 2 points out of 1st place.  Not too bad for our first year.  I spent all morning today writing a team song to go to the music of
the Rydal Racoon song.  Maybe we'll sing it after each win?  I am usually a sub because it's only 8 v 8 and I make mistakes with
positioning and as Daddy puts it, being "aggressive".  But, the team is doing well so I'm okay with playing at practice for fun and learning
on the way to 11 v 11 in a couple years.

I started my 3rd year of piano and just yesterday, had my first recital.  It's getting harder because I used to be able to memorize my songs
but now, I need the books and have to read the songs because they are just to difficult to remember.  Daddy told me he wouldn't pay for
piano lessons anymore unless I started practicing more because I can't get by with just natural talent.  So, I came up with a plan with him
to practice 5 days a week for 10 minutes or so each day to see if that helps.

Sad news..since the last time I updated this, I had 2 major deaths in my family.  1st) My Nanny died from old age.  She was my Mom's
Mom and I saw her every weekend.  It's okay though she died because she was always afraid to walk, really sick, and lonely..  I hope
she is in Heaven.

My Great Grandmother also died this year.  That's okay too though because she was sick for a really long time in a hospital and it was
sad to go visit her.  I hope she is in Heaven too.

I went from having 4 grandparents to only 2 but almost lost another because my Pop Pop had a heart attack.  But luckily, he's okay now
and is even driving again.  

Now for church. Cross Check started back up and I am determined to be the highest point getter for the year to get a new bike prize!  So
far, the closest person to me is 40,000 points lower so as long as I keep doing my chargers homework, remembering my old verse,
memorizing my new verse, answering questions, memorizing the books of the OT, bringing my Bible and being a good boy...I'll win 1st
quarter for sure.  I'm trying to get a couple of my friends to come because I get 10,000 points for bringing friends and that'll put me over
the top!  Keep you posted.  

Ok..enough for now...Willl try to update when I get my 1st report card


Florida was AWESOME!  I don't have most of my pictures from Mommy yet so they will be uploaded later.  We spent 10 days at our
Lauderdale house and had lots of fun.  everyday we went to the pool or beach and went out every night.  I like the pool WAY more than
the beach.  I also found a new burger place I love!  It' called Burger Fi and I ate their twice.  

We stayed homea few days and then me, my Dad and my Grandpop went up to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  It was AWESOME!  So
much history.  Daddy told me it's a "right of passage" for a little boy to go to the baseball hall of fame with his Dad.  He was really excited
about a guy named Mike Schmidt.  I don't know who he was but he was really good according to my Daddy.

Now we are up the Poconos at Uncle Roger and Aunt Ria's house and I get to play all day with my friend Giula.  Life is good!  


Really long time since me or Daddy updated my website.  Where to begin.  Well...we ended up winning the Indoor Soccer
championship!  I was goaltender in the championship game and played really well.  Daddy said I'm too small to be his outdoor goaltender
but I really like playing it for indoor.  The win means my soccer teams went 3 for 3 in championships this year.  We won the Thanksgiving
tournament, the outdoor league and the indoor league.  

I also played Baseball this year for the 2nd year.  I did okay.  My friend Drew's Dad was my coach and I got hits on most games but I
did have a lot of strikeouts.  I made the all-star team for home league (not the all-star select tournament team) and had fun.  I think I'll play
again next year.  

Piano went well.  My recital videos are on my
main page and my magix site.Mommy and Daddy are really proud of me and I think it's
fun with Ms. Sally.  

I finished 2nd grade...I had all P's and A's.  I am ready for the 3rd grade for sure.  getting big....YES!

Looking forward to summer...going to Florida, Wildwood, Seaside, Baseball Hall of Fame and Poconos.  YAY! WOO HOO! to you soon.  


1 Month since my birthday.  I can't believe I am 8 years old.  I just received my mid-year report card and I received all p's and A's.  
Piano is going well and indoor soccer is almost over.  Our last Indoor game is Monday then the playoffs.  Today, I started Baseball.  My
friend Drew's dad is my coach.  He is a good coach.  Okay well, talk to you soon.