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(Entered by Gio's Dad)

I have watched you grow up and even though you are still really a little boy at only 8 years old....I can't believe how big you've
Your character, your hard work in school, your fantastic piano playing, your sports (soccer mostly), your love for your family
and the Lord Jesus, are all inspiring to me and make me so proud.  I could type forever about all of the wonderful things you
do and the wonderful ways you are.  But..I will keep it simple....Gio...I love you so much!  I am so proud of you and everything
you do!  I look forward to teaching you more and being the best Daddy I can be for you!  Thank you Lord for giving me such
a wonderful son!

12/2/2012: (Gio told Daddy what to write)

A really long time since Daddy or I last posted.  During the fall, there were a few key things that happened to me.  But first,
let me start by telling you all a dream.   We were at my big cousins' Jaime and Todd’s and my friend Brian Blanche was
There were all kinds of games there and places to eat like a boardwalk.   All of a sudden, we saw a subway (sandwich
shop) and asked if we could go.  But...Mommy went to her car and got a bottle of grape juice and took it with us to subway.  
She then poured the grape juice on the rolls before the sandwiches were made at subway.  
(Note from Daddy:  Gio’s facial
expression when he told this story and said how there was grape juice on the sandwiches was of utter disgust and
amazement. )

Well..I am in 2nd grade now and it's been a big year so far.  My 1st report card for 2nd grade comes out Tuesday  so we'll
see how I am doing but it's been cool.  At first, I didn't like my teacher but now even though she is mean and yells a lot, I
know she is a good teacher.

One of the scariest things this fall was Hurricane Sandy.  It was the biggest storm I ever heard about and it destroyed our
Seaside City.    Luckily, God protected both our Seaside house and our Huntingdon Valley red brick house from major
damage.  I was a little scared but I told Daddy I couldn't cry in front of Mommy because I had to be brave.

I had my 2nd piano recital at Halloween.  I did pretty well.  I played 5 songs including Daddy's favorite again. 3  of the songs
are on my media site under (short videos).  I love piano!

Now for Soccer.  It's been a big year with soccer.  First for my home league team...we were the gray avengers and we won
almost all of our games.  We got to play for the championship and it went into 5...yes 5 Overtimes.  In overtime, you remove
the goalies and every period after that, 1 player comes off the field.  We started out 8 v 8 including a goalie and when it was
all said and done, we were playing 5 v 5 without a goaltender. the end, we WON.  a week later, I represented Fox
Chase in the turkey bowl. was really the schillinger cup team.  My team had on it the best players from my age
group at Fox was kind of like the club's U8 all-star team.  We did very well wining all 4 games we played, only
allowing 2 goals PLUS,  won that championship!  I scored 1 of the 2 goals in the   championship game on a break-a-way
staring out in Daddy's words "with a beautiful run-through"

All and was a good fall.  Now I can't wait until Christmas!  Today, we began working on our Christmas show where we
will be singing 3 songs!                                                     

8/12/2012:  (gio told Daddy what to write)

This past week, we went up to the mountains to stay with Uncle Roger and Aunt Ria.  It was only 2 nights but it was fun
anyway.  It was me, Mommy, Anthony, Maria for a night, Ryan, Tyler, Uncle Roger, Aunt Ria, Aunt Carla, Uncle Lenny, Guila,
Bella, Vivi, Anne, Luca and Ellie.  We went swimming, played soccer and had a bon fire where we ate smores and these
cool banana things Mommy made where she stuffed bananas with chocolate chips, caramel sauce, marshmellows and in a
couple, chunky peanut butter, then cooked them over the open fire.  They got all gooey  and we ate them with spoons.  
Daddy let me use his new phone to look at the stars too and we saw the Big dipper, Little dipper, north star, Mars, Saturn
and a bunch of other stars.    

After the Poconos, we went to Seaside,  Most of the time was boring for me because none of my younger cousins were
around but Friday when it was raining, we went t see the Dark Knight Rises.  It was action packed and batman died.  Well..
we thought he died but they just let the world think Bruce Wayne died.  

Saturday, I got to play most of the day with Sammy.  It was a lot of fun.  We played beyblades, made tracks, played a ball
game we made up with a cooler, beach cart and small ball, colored, built buildings with the track pieces and then knocked
them down with a stuffed angry bird,   

8/2/2012:  (gio wrote, Daddy posted)

Today I went to PPL park with my camp.  We got a tour of the stadium including the locker rooms.  Very cool!  We met and
were trained by 4 players and 2 coaches.  The coaches were John Hackworth and Robrt Smith.  The players were Shannon
Williams, Michael Lahoud, Chandler Hoffman and someone I forget.  I love the Union.  Doop Doop Doop!

But...something sad happened today too.   My dog Cenzo died.  Daddy told me it was time to take him to the Vet to be put
to sleep because letting Cenzo die would let him stop hurting.  For the last 2 days he couldn't walk at all, could barely stand
and would hardly eat or drink unless Mommy handed it to him with her hands.  He was very very sick from Cancer.  I cried
when Daddy prayed with me, Mommy and Maria over Cenzo.  Then Daddy took him away for the last time.  I told him I
wanted to go but he wouldn't let me.  Daddy told me he cried at the vet.  I am sad but I hope Cenzo is in heaven.  Daddy told
me we don't know because the Bible isn't clear but we can have hope.  I'll miss cenzo.  

7/31/2012  (gio told daddy what to write)

Today, my union camp coach told me and Daddy that I was "holding my own" vs the older kids.  I don't think I am doing any
good.  I really think I am the worst player in the entire camp.  

7/30/2012  (gio wrote, Daddy posted)

Today was the first day of Union Soccer camp.   After getting my official uniform, we did stretches in our groups.  My group
is named Real Madrid from La Liga.    But, there are only 3 of us so that matched us up with the 8 and 9 year olds.  I'm only
In the afternoon,  we warmed up then played some games.  At the end of the day, I won the focus pin!  It's an award for
excelling in the game at everything.  I played today after twisting my ankle a little bit yesterday.  That's why I won
the pin, for playing through a mild injury.  VERY FUN!

7/20/2012:  (gio told Daddy what to write)

Kick it down the steps.  It was the official "kick off" event of the [MLS] all star game which is at the union's stadium.  Me and
my friend Kenny went to the Art Museum with our Dads.  The league gave each of us an all-star t-shirt and an all-star ball.  I
really like the ball!  So, we stood at the top of the steps and Mayor Nutter and a few other guys in suits spoke to the crowd.  
Then, we took turns kicking the balls down the Rocky Steps.  It was really fun!

7/25/2012:  (gio wrote, Daddy posted)

Today I saw the movies Batman Begins and the Dark Knight.  They are pg 13 but Daddy let me see them anyway because
he said there was only violence and nothing else in-appropriate.  The Joker was a scary bad guy.  I am glad the Batman
won.  We watched it in Wildwood.  It is fun down hear.  All my uncles and aunts from far away come to visit for a week.  I get
to play with Sarah.  Tonight, Mommy and Daddy went to dinner with all their cousins and my sister's friend Liz watched me
and Sarah.  I had fun at the beach.  

7/18/2012:  (Gio wrote, Daddy posted)

Daddy is making me write this.  I don't really want to.  Today, the 2nd thing I did was play Wii.  After that, I played with my
cars.  Then I went on the water slide next door at my friend Anthony and Tori's house.  Then Daddy took all 3 of us to see Ice
Age Continental Drift.  Then I played in the house with Anthony and Tori.  Then I went to the library and saw a show about
liquid air.  Then I went to a place called U-Swirl and got frozen yogurt.  It is almost like ice cream.  Everything was fun today.

7/6/2012:  (Gio told Daddy what to write)

Today is a stinky day.  I spent almost all day in a pet hospital or running errands and didn't get to do anything fun.  Daddy
kept telling me I was too hyper in the stores.  Then, we got really bad news..  Our dog Cenzo has cancer.  That's scary
because we know some people that died from cancer like Tia mommy's best friend who just died a little while
ago.  But it's okay because I know she is with Jesus so she's better off anyway even though everybody here is sad.  My
mommy is very sad about Cenzo.  
When we got home, Daddy went roller blading with me up and down the street.  I did okay for my first time.   

(gio wrote, Daddy posted)

Today is the 4th of July..America's birthday.  Happy birthday USA.  So yesterday on our way home from Washington, we
stopped at Baltimore.  Everything was really expensive so we didn't really do anything but walk around the river and eat
lunch.  I had chicken and salad.  It was really good.  Today, we just hung out and relaxed and then went to see a really fun
fireworks show at Abington High School.  Cool!

7/2/2012:  (Gio wrote, Daddy posted)

We are still in Washington.  we did a lot of stuff again.  My favorite was the Air and Space Museum.  We also saw the
Capital building, the national archives (where the real declaration of independence is), and 2 more museums.  Then we
went to eat dinner.  I had steak and salad. YUM!!

Tomorrow we are going to Baltimore on the way home from Washington

7/1/2012:  (Gio wrote, Daddy posted)

Today I went to Washington DC.  It is fun to go to.  It is our country's capital which means it's the city most of the government
lives and works in.  We walked around and saw a lot of stuff.  Our trip began walking past the Washington monument which
is a REALLY BIG tower that kind of looks like a needle pointing to the sky.  Then we went to the Holocaust Museum which
tells the story of how this guy Hitler became leader of Germany and tried killing all of the Jews.  Actually, he tried taking over
the world and killing everyone that was Jewish and not "perfect".  It was very sad.  I hope it never happens again.  We also
walked past the White House where our President lives.  When we went back to the hotel, I went to the pool.  It was small
but fun.   After the pool, we walked a lot more and saw the Lincoln Memorial and 2 war memorials.  Daddy was sad.  One of
them had a sentence that read "freedom isn't free".  I learned lots of people died so that can live in the United States and be
free.  I'm lucky!  

6/26/2012: gio posted

Got my 1st grade report card in the mail today..CLICK HERE to view it!  ( I did great!)

6/25/2012: (gio wrote, daddy typed)

All this weekend, I was at the shore.  I goto Seaside Park.  Is is an island in NJ.  I went on one ride.  It is a
roller coaster.   It is called Jet star.  I went to Ant Deloreses.  I stayed there and played x box 360.  It was an
obstacle game.  I went to the beach. The water was very warm for NJ because it was so hot.  i tried to make a hole that was
deep enough to see water but it did not work.  It was too far from water.  I played frisbee with my Daddy and a boy I met on
the beach.  After that, I went in the pool with my cousins.  That was warm too.  I came home Monday and mixed up all of my
bey blades. Then, I had a tournament.  Seaside is awesome.

6/21/2012: Note:  as of today, Gio asked to update the postings for his own website for real.  These are his words from his
journal (checked by daddy) rather than Daddy posting for him like I was him.

Today I had VBS. I got 3 toys. The first one is a little car, the second is a foam making thingy.  Last was a little
bag of m+ms.  I ate them really fast.  We got very active at the end of VBS.  We had to dance like crazy.  I stayed really late
and played with my friends Matthew and Nathan.  He was there late because his mom ran the theme this year which is gold
rush.  It was really fun.99 degrees out today.  That means it is very hot.  Me and my Dad played ladder ball too .  He beat me
21 to 3.  I got very sad.  Next we played step ball.  This is a game we play with a tennis ball throwing it at a step.  The ball hit
me one time in the mouth and knocked my tooth out because I had a loose tooth.  So apparently, my Daddy hit me in the
face with a ball and I lost a tooth.


I haven't updated my website since April.  Lots of stuff has happened since then.  1st, I just finished 1st grade!  It was pretty
easy and fun.  I have not gotten my report card yet but I know I am going to do good.  My Baseball went well...I only made 3
outs the entire season.   It was 7 strikes and no walks so a couple times, I would've struck out if it was real but it wasn't and I
didn't.  I ended up with like 20 hits out of 23 at bats, 8 rbi's and 16 runs scored.  Pretty good for my first year.   Also, above I
have the video of my first official piano recital.  To see me playing more songs at home, go to my magix media site and
view the "short videos".  


Hey everyone..I'm back again....since last I updated, my Piano teacher quit and didn't tell me what was going on.  But...I am
still practicing and doing a really good job.  I also did a nice job in my part as the prince from Rapunzel in a school play.  Oh..
and I can't forget my Baseball career officially began.  I've played 2 games so far and I have 5 hits in 5 at bats, 3 runs
scored and 2 rbi's.  I also have made 2 nice plays at 2nd base and have played catcher a few times too.  A fun and busy
couple of weeks.  Check out my video of me playing piano.


Me and Daddy have not been updating my site with pics this year but they are coming.  They are actually all on a flash drive
in his work and he's off this week.  Updated today though is a video of my Palm Sunday musical in Church called a Tale of 3
trees.  Watch the video of my solo's above and click the link to download the entire file.

March 13, 2012:

Hello followers!  I'm back and some more good stuff to share though I won't be long.  Piano is going great!  I love to play and
am learning really fast,  My teacher is giving me pieces that are not in my workbook because she thinks I can handle them.  I
am a natural and it's so much fun!  Check out the "recital" Daddy recorded for all of you to see.  

My 2nd report card came in and I did really well!  All A's and P's (advanced and proficient) with my lowest grade being an
85.  My Apex progress report was just as good meeting or exceeding most goals and on the way to others.  

Soccer is good....Indoor almost over..we're in the playoffs and we won the 1st game 6-1.  After first baseball team
starts.  In addition, after school, my friends and I play hockey almost every day!

I am in 2 plays...1 for church and1 for school. For church, it's a musical and I get 2 solos....I am a tree named "Bud" who
gets cut down and eventually, becomes a boat Jesus preaches from. In school, I am the prince from the fairy tale about

Finally, I gave up being addicted to video games for bey blades and reading!  I still love video games but I can live without
them.  Every day, I read.  My favorite books right now are the Captain Underpants chapter books!  They are sooooooo
funny!  I'm already up to book 5 of 8 and Daddy just got them for me 2 weeks ago!  Every Saturday morning when I first
wake up...I read for an hour on my own....I can't believe it's actually fun!

So...all in all, I'm involved in a lot of stuff with a wide range of activities: Piano, Good grades, sports, Theater, and reading!  

February 10, 2012

Today was a rough day.  It all started last week when I woke up with my tooth hurting really bad.  Momma took me to her
work then during herl lunch took me to the dentist.  Turns out it was infected.  I had to go on medicine for 10 days.  Well, 7
days later was today and I went to get my 1st tooth pulled.  It was okay but after, I was a little sore and scared and Mommy
needed to take off the whole day instead of just a 1/2 day.  I am very thankful Mommy was there for me.   She was a little
sad about everything that happened though because they also found 2 other small cavities.  My stupid old dentist didn't take
xrays so all together, I have 5 cavities and 1 infection.  UGH!
Giovanni Vincent
7 years old Journal