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After a few months away, I'm back...sitting here today sick.  I have a fever and a headache.  Daddy had to take off work..he took a
day, because of my fever.  I have spurts that I feel better but every once in a while, my head starts KILLING me.  I think I need for
Daddy to
let me play Wii to get better....think he'll believe it?

So...last time I updated my site, I said I'd update with more pics when my foxchase soccer pics came back but...they were horrible.  
actually threw half of them out.  But, there are more pictures in my year 6 folder of my picture website.  

anyway...WII is my favorite thing to do right now especially Super Mario Bros.  I am soo good at it but not as good as my best friend
Brian..he beat it and I can't beat world 8 yet.  Other then Wii, I am playing soccer and basketball, am in Cross Check boys club at FBC
am getting really good grades at school.

Daddy decided to sign up to coach my indoor soccer team and we're doing pretty good.  He lets me play goalie sometimes and I really
like it.  
Our team is the orange team...we only have 1 loss so far but more important, I have fun.  

Basketball is okay too but I'm not that good.  I can't get it..where to go to get the ball.  But, it's fun too playing.

Cross check boys club is a group for kids 5-12 at my church.  My favorite part is playing the games in the beginning of the night but we
get into small groups and learn about the Bible.  I'm in the junior group because I'm only 5.  My teacher is Mr. Jared usually.  He's a
teacher and I learn a lot about how Jesus wants us to live.  I already know it's hard to do....but I'm only little.

At school, I am the BEST student.  Last week...I got up to Reading level F and 2 point something!  Most of my other friends in school
are only
on level B, C or even just A still.  My teacher Mrs. Cover is awesome but my favorite part of the whole school day is going to school
Mommy..I love that she teaches at the same school I do. I get to see her sometimes while I;m being the messenger or line leader....

Oh to just over a week..I turn 6!  I'll post more

FROM 10/4/10

Hi again Family and friends!  It's Gio back for another update.  Last update was on 7/22 so a lot has happened since then.  

For starters, I've had 2 FIRST'S this fall.

1) I played in my first soccer game!  I signed up for Fox Chase and play on the "purple team" .  Pretty soon, I'll post my pics from that
team but for now, a couple of them are posted on my
magix picture site.   It's a lot of fun.  My coaches and my Daddy say how well I do at of the best 5 year olds on the team   
(5 and 6 year olds together).  I am super fast.  Best of
all, my new "best friend" Brian plays on the team with me.  We hang out almost every day and play Wii or a game outside as long as the
weather is nice.    Mommy and Daddy have been
telling me though that it looks like I'm confused during the game.  I run all the time and am always in the right area with the ball. Daddy
says I play like I'm a mid-fielder because I make it up
and down the field quickly.  I really want to play goaltender though...I have my own goaltender gloves and goaltender jersey but coaches
haven't let me yet.  Daddy doesn't coach me yet..
Mommy wanted him to but he said it's too crazy with him right now coaching Maria's team and being at a new school.

2) My other first and much bigger news is I started my first day of KINDERGARTEN.    YEAH!!!!!  It's a lot of fun.    I get to go to
school at the same place Mommy works at so I get to
drive in with her and leave with her.   I am always on "green" and finish all of my work.  I am learning a lot of site words and am reading
better and better every day.  Mommy has been reading
to me during bedtime business when Daddy's at soccer but most of the time,  Daddy still does it.  Recently, he's been reading me a Bible
story and regular book.  This past week..we've been
reading Danny and the Dinosaur...I always start from page 1 and we add a new page every night.  I read it to him and he reads the new
pages to me.  I get most of the words right from the
pages we read already. I am also practicing my math.... I've been adding and subtracting in a workbook I bought at the book store and
recently, have been playing Toy Story Monopoly JR...
counting money is FUN!    I've been making observations of stuff too.  For instance, tonight, I was observing why the water was going
down the drain even though I had the plug in.  Still
haven't figured it out but I will. favorite thing to do no matter what is still play Wii but I also like playing board games, watching TV, riding my bike, going out
with my friends, hanging with Mommy and Daddy
when they take me places, playing soccer and baseball, having catches, playing learning games on the computer, play with Anthony my
big brother, and having fun.  My newest thing is trying
to play basketball.  I have a little toy basketball court on the back deck I play with almost every day and I talked Daddy into signing me
up for 5 year old real basketball.  This is how the
conversation went...

Gio: .."Dad...Can I sign up for Basketball ?

Daddy:  "I thought you were playing indoor soccer?"

Gio:  well..are the on the same days?"

Daddy:  No..No they're not

Gio: much does it cost?

Daddy:  $80.00

Gio:  do you have that much?

Daddy: Yes...

Gio:  Well...can I play then?  If you sign me up, I'll play.

How can my Daddy say no to me after going though all that thinking and talking him into it?  

Okay well....I 'll post this again soon when I get my Fox Chase soccer pictures back

JULY 22, 2010

Hello everyone!  How fast 5 months goes....Last time this site was updated was my birthday.  Don't forget, you can view any of my past
postings by clicking on the correct
link in the menu.  You can also click on any pic to see it bigger then right click to save.  If you like my soccer pic, right click on any
empty part of the background.  

Daddy added some videos this time and re-formatted the look of this page to include sections for links, media, regular pics then text.  

SO..what have I been up to.  Well, I finished Pre-K at Valley Christian school this year.  I really loved my school and didn't cry ever
when Mommy dropped me off
(remember back when I was 3 and 4 I'd cry all the time when she left me at pre-school.  I ended up "Advanced" or "proficient" in every
category but 3 on my report card
and there were like 100 things!  I think the teacher cheated me out of those 3 things though (he he).  Anyway, posted above is a slide
show video that my wonderful teacher
created all about me from this past year.  I made some friends there but won't be going back because I'm getting to go to school with
Mommy for Kindergarten!

This past spring I joined my first soccer program.  It was called Lil' Kickers and it was at the Meadowbrook school fields.  Coach
Kenny was my coach and he worked for the
BuxMont Indoor Soccer Complex.   It was so fun.  On most days, we did our exercises then learned a skill.  Then we got to play a
scrimmage game for fun.  I always did a
really good job at learning the skills but then would get a little shy during the games.  The first day, I was nervous during our scrimmage
game and was standing around too
much instead of trying to get the ball.  Then, Coach Kenny told me to "get the ball" so, the next time it was about to score into our goal, I
ran to it, jumped in front of it, and
dove down to pick it up.  I SAVED it from scoring....problem was, I wasn't the goalie.  Daddy laughed and made sure Coach Kenny
knew I was taking what he said literally.  

The next week was the same thing....I was taught to "move into space" when someone on my team had the ball and I didn't.  So...during
our scrimmage, I kept running all
around really far from the people on our team dribbling.  Daddy asked me what I was doing because I needed to help my teammates..I
told him I was going to space.  
Daddy's reply was "your head is in space".  I didn't understand it but at least I was doing my job.  I get to play soccer for Fox Chase
starting in a month.  Daddy coaches
there and my big sister plays there so now I get to too!  I'm really excited.

So we went to Florida again for our yearly trip and it was awesome as usual but GUESS WHAT!  This time, I took my first plane ride.  
Now, not only was I in space, but my
head was in the clouds!  It was a really fun plane ride but going down to land hurt my ears.  In Florida, we went to the 4th of July parade
and a big party on the beach of
Mommy's friends house.  It rained almost all day after the parade so we actually cooked our hot dogs and hamburgers and then ate
under pool umbrellas in the rain.  I also
went to see an alligator show got to hold a baby alligator.  I wasn't even scared about it!

Well...some of my favorite things to do is still to play cars, watch tv and play video games.  I have been getting in trouble lately though
because I want to play video games
too much and sometimes cry when Mommy and Daddy tell me it's time to get off.  I was actually punished for a whole WEEK from
anything electronic by Daddy.  He makes
me go out with him everyday and either walk the dog or ride my bike while he walks the dog.  Sometimes I play with Tori and Rowan
outside or Tori's big brother Anthony.  
A couple times, friends came over to play and we play games and stuff.  My big sister taught me how to play the game of Life last week..
it's one of my favorite games to play
along with Uno and Sorry.  But my absolute favorite thing to do in nice weather is play miniature golfing.  And...I'm actually pretty good.  
I usually go with Daddy and he
beats me but not by that much.  Last Saturday, he only beat me by 13 and after the 1st 9 holes, I was tied with him.  I think he cheats
keeping score because I can only add 2
numbers together still!

Oh's time to take a break from the to everyone soon!


I AM 5 YEARS OLD!!!!  38 lbs and 3 feet 5 inches.  Well, Daddy has been very busy since he last updated my website.  I came into
computer room and said "Dad, why haven't you made more of my site" and he said, "Ok..I will".  So...Here I am, 5 YEARS OLD.  

A lot has happened since he last let me update my site. First, I went back to school.  If you remember, I stopped going to New Horizons
preschool because my Daddy took 1/2 year off work to stay home with me.  Well, this past September I went back to school but I went
to Valley Christian Academy.  I love it.  My teacher Mrs. Rissinger is an awesome teacher and I learn a lot.  She told my Mommy and
Daddy how smart I am.  I know 36 of my 50 site words I needed to know by December.  My formal report card is coming up so I will
you how I do.  Mommy brought home a Kindergarten word list and I know a little more than 1/2 of them so I'm doing ok reading.

Daddy is always impressed that I use words correctly in sentences.  2 words that stand out for him I use are "actually" and

During the fall, I started going to soccer practice with Daddy.  He wouldn't let me join 4 year old “futures" soccer program at Fox Chase
but he did bring me to U13 C practice and would do all I the exercises with the boys.  Then, Uncle Tom's Step daughter Tori would
take me
on the side and practice with me.  They taught me how to stop the ball when it comes to me instead of just kicking it and I can dribble
pretty good.  

For Halloween, I decided to be a cowboy.  I have to admit I was really cute when I said "howdy pardner".  Mommy and Daddy
decided to dress up
for me too and the 3 of us were 1 big cowboy/cowgirl family.  

For Thanksgiving, my school had a Pilgrims and Indians lunch to learn about the 1st Thanksgiving Feast here in America.   We were
allowed to dress up
again so I chose an Indian.   I was my own little wild west show this fall between the 2 costumes.

The dressing up didn't end there though as my acting career took off (ha ha).  For Christmas, I was in my school and my church
shows.  For school I had to be an angel.  I didn't want to be an angel though.  When I first heard about it, I was like" no way man".  
Mommy didn't like I said that.  Daddy came home from work and she told him I had something to tell him.  I told him I had to be in a
school play and he said "Wow that's awesome"  Then I told him I had to be an angel and started crying a little"  He hugged me and said
"what's wrong" I told him, "I'm just not the angel kid of guy" (making sure to put my arms up too).  After Daddy stopped laughing at
me...he told me how cool it was and I started feeling ok about it.  For church, I was a Shepperd.  I was a Sheppard before too when I
was 3 but this time, I danced and sang.  Back then, I just stood there.  

For Christmas, I got a ton of presents but I there were 2 I loved.  First, Daddy bought me a FISH.  I named him Perry the fish after
the Platypus from one of my favorite shows Phineas and Ferb.  Daddy loves watching that with me.  Anyway, Perry is a beta fish so he's
by him self in the tank but he's cool looking.  He's black, dark blue, green and has cool wavy fins.  I feed him and hep Daddy take care
the tank

Mommy bought me WII!!!!!  Well, she bought Wii for everyone but I play the most.  My favorite game is Mario Kart.  I play it at least
hour every day.  I beat my big sister sometimes.  I play the mario kart channel and go against people all over the world and against
"ghosts" and
sometimes beat them too!  I even have a world record on a track with 1 character and I was only 4 when I did it!

This past year, I also got to stay awake for my 1st New Years Eve.  At 11:30 I got my spot on a chair in front of the TV at the big
Seaside party
and I watched the countdown clock.  I told my Uncle Ronny when it said 11:55 and he got Uncle Gary to make an announcement on the
Then, I saw the ball drop for the 1st time!  It was cool how everyone yelled Happy New Year and there was so much kissing and
hugging.  I got a little
scared about that. forward to now...Last week, I went to my 2nd concert ever.  My 1st was the Wiggles bu this time, I saw Newsboys, Third Day
and some other Christian singers at a concert called Winter Jam.  It was fun!  We drive far in the church van and it was freezing
but the music was good.  

This past Thursday, I turned 5 years old!  I have been living for 5 years..I can't believe it.  My family party is 2/14 and my kids party is at
Bounce U on 2/15 so I'll be able to celebrate 3 times.!  On My birthday, Mommy, Daddy, Anthony and Maria took me to Chuckie
Cheese's for the 1st time.  I loved the video games there.  Daddy said it wasn't like he remembered it and Mommy hated the Pizza but
thought the games were fun.  

I'll try to remind Daddy to come back often.  He said he's going to get me to record a message to everyone and post some new video
Giovanni Vincent Corabi
5 years old Journal