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This website was not updated from 7/16 through my 6th birthday because Daddy was lazy and/or always putting it off.  Sorry

Posted 7/16/2009  

I'm back from DISNEY!  Well, we spent a couple days in Disney and then 2 weeks in our Fort Lauderdale house.   I got to meet MICKEY
Mouse and went on my very first fast race car ride called test track.  We saw lots of 3d shows and lots of shows with real people in it.  I saw
fireworks every night but the show at the movie park was my favorite.  In Magic Kingdom, I went to see Mike's Comedy show from Monster's
Inc and guess what...Me and Daddy got to be on TV!  I was sitting on his lap and they called us a "2 headed monster".   They talked with us and
sang a song to me.  Then...they told my JOKE about the Banana (click the audio link above to hear it from my June posting).

While I was at Disney, I visited my Daddy's "Aunt Florence".   She was like a 2nd mother to my  Daddy's mom when my Daddy's     
mom was only a high school girl.  Aunt Florence never met me  before and she was very happy to see me.    

After Disney, we went down to our Florida house in Lauderdale by the sea.  There, I saw the 4th of July parade and got my picture next to Dale
Earnhardt's race car! I went to the pool every day almost and guess what.. I learned how to jump in!  

While I was there, I made up a brand new game.  I had 2 jacks, 2 marbles and 2 dice.  I made up a game all by myself that when you
rolled the dice, it told you how many spaces to move the marbles.  first one to the jacks WINS!.  Daddy was very "impressed", with
me and told me how prouys he was of me making my own rules.

I did do something really funny too.  One night, Mommy and Daddy came into bed.  They thought I was sleeping but I wasn't.  Daddy
Flaggoed (which is farted in Erichetti language).    When he did, I couldn't help but laugh.  I giggled just a little but they heard me.  
So...they both leaned over their bed and looked at me sleeping on my blow up mattress.  Then, Daddy said "are you awake?" and I
said.."No."  We all laughed really heard.

Posted 6/23/2009

Hi everyone!  It's me and I am back again.  Guess what, I finished school!  I still ask Daddy if I can read to him but  
the actual school that he was teaching me everyday is over. I am done everything and he told me I got an A+,
whatever that means.  I am really good at counting, really good at reading (for being 4 years old) and pretty good at

Since last time I updated this site, I threw my trike out.  The wheel was soo broke it was unbelievable.  My new bike
though is a little too hard for me..I get scared.  

Last week was VBS.  I had so much fun!  I learned a lot of songs and dances. Daddy taught at the games section and
Mommy was a teacher for my class.  They didn't have a preschool group so I went with the Kindergarten kids.  It
was awesome learning about Jesus and having fun too!

This week is Mommy's last week at work and we're getting ready to goto Florida.  We're going to Disney!  It is the
first time I am going there.  Pop Pop took a picture of me with Mickey to get me "ready".  Mommy keeps saying I
have no idea what I'm about to see.  

Oh well...I want to go play video games now so
I'll update some other time

Posted May 2009

I haven't updated my website in a while but I'm back now.

If you are viewing this, you got a new link from my Daddy.  I had so much fun this Spring with Daddy.   He took a sabbatical from work to be
able to spend lots of time with me before I get too big.   We have so much fun!  We watch Batman, xmen, Sid the Science Kid, Super Why and
Special Agent Oso, then do school. He was using 2 different BOZ books (Jesus and Me and God's People and Me), 2 different numbers and
counting books, and a Kindergarten Workbook. As of today, I only have a few pages left.  We also go on many different field trips and work
online with games too! And guess what... I can count up to 109 and do simple adding and subtracting with items and I can READ lots of words.
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me. Mommy cries about it.  Every day, we also walk Cenzo.  Sometimes I run, sometimes I hold the leash
and sometimes I ride my trike. I'm so sad today though because I had to throw my trike out. The front wheel broke bad. I could get a new one
but my grandpop bought me a brand new 2 wheel bike (with training wheels) that is just a little teensy weensy bit too big for me. would be
a waste of money to buy me a new trike (or so he says.)

Since My birthday, I've really gotten good at video games and the computer. I can even log in to a few sites by myself! I actually got in trouble
during this Spring and was grounded from video games for a month!   I got in trouble in March and wasn't allowed to play them until my big
brother's birthday! But, I made it through and now I get to play almost every day for a little while.

Well..anyway, I didn't tell the most dramatic thing that happened during the last month. I was bugging my big brother who was in my sister's
room. I was begging him to pick me up on his shoulders. Mom was in my room and Daddy was outside in the yard. So finally, Big brother
picked me up and BANG, he hit my head on the ceiling fan! YES! It was ON! There was tons of blood and Mommy FREAKED out in a panic.
Daddy stopped the bleeding though and calmed me down. 4 hours later and a trip to the E R, I ended up with just 3 stitches. At the end,. I said
to my mom “hey mom...look at all this blood on my shirt” and then I told big brother “I'm not mad at you because I know it was an accident but
you have to be more careful with me”.  My first stitches...

Posted 2/7/2009

I had a wonderful time this past week.  It started on Monday when Daddy began his "stay at home" life.  Daddy is taking off from
work from now until next year and he's going to stay home with me and do school.  We had so much fun this 1st week.  We did School
stuff and he gave me plenty of stars and smiley faces on my work.  I got new paints and also a new puzzle.  ON Tuesday after
Mommy was done work, Mommy and Maria went to New York to see a show so since Daddy had off work, we went up too.  The
best part is it snowed on Wednesday and Mommy didn't have to go to work!  We got to se times square and the biggest toys r us we
ever saw.  It even had a ferris wheel in it.  On Friday, I had the best time because me and Daddy didn't do school...he took me to the
Philly CAR SHOW!  I LOVED IT.  I was going crazy in the one room because there were 5 Mustangs next to each other all with
custom paint jobs.  It was AWESOME! We also started a new game called field goal kick.  Daddy gets an inflatable football and sets it
up for me to kick like a field goal in the living room.  I have to kick it over the couch to get a point.  I kicked 30 out of 50 tries!  Then,
the next day, I kicked one so far, I hit Mommy in the kitchen (well, it fell in front of her).  FUN GAME!

Then it was Saturday....My 4th birthday was this past Wednesday when I was in toys R us at times square but my parties were
Saturday.  My friends from church and the neighborhood were there at 3:00 then my family came at 5:30.  Some of my "cousins" from
Daddy's friends came later and I played ALL afternoon.  Adam was here and Cameron and Lil' Anthony and Tori, and Gigi Gi, and
Bobby and Nick, and Allecia, and Corey, and Johnny, and Megan, and a lot of my uncles and aunts.  My Nanny was there and My
Mimi and also my Pop Pop.  I had a really good time!

This week, I am starting my 2nd week home with Daddy.  I have been alive 4 years now.  Daddy wants to finish this posting so I'll talk
to you later

Gio is so smart, so big and learning so fast.  I LOVE being with him and teaching him new things.  Just hanging with him watching tv,
watching him play, wrestling or "fighting" with him or just hanging out taking him places.  I am so truly blessed by this boy.  Plus, his
Mommy has granted me the wish of taking 1/2 year off of work to stay with him.  counting our normal summer vacation, I will be
home 7 months with my little boy.  This is truly a blessing that many fathers do not want and Most fathers can not have.  I am so
looking foward to this time home with my big 4 year old boy!
Giovanni Vincent Corabi
4 years old Journal