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Posted 1/3/2009

Well…it’s been a long time since I updated my website with Daddy.  I know he said on 5/18 he would update it every week but after the post
on 6/16, we didn’t get around to it.’s now January 2009 and I am ALMOST 4 years old.  BIG NEWS since last upate…

1) I AM POTTY TRAINED!!!!!  I don’t ever have an accident at night…only once in a while during the day (usually because I couldn’t get my
pants down in time) and I can pee pee all by myself.  I’ll get up from playing, walk into the bathroom and pee pee all by myself.  My sister was
laughing at me the other day because she was walking by the bathroom and there I was standing at the potty peeing.  But I don’t like the little
potty..I like the big boy potty Daddy and Mommy use.  I AM SUCH A BIG BOY!!!!

2)  School..I am so smart.  Mommy and Daddy pulled me out of my pre-school at Christmas because Daddy is going to stay home starting in
February and teach me until next September.  I will have so much fun having school with Daddy as my teacher in my pajamas!  I am really smart
though…everyone says how much I talk and how I use big words.  Mommy and Daddy say they love they way I explore, figure out and
problem solve with things.  I am always trying to count things and place my toys in groups.  

3) CARS…speaking of toys…I STILL LOVE CARS!!!!  My favorite things to do now are races with my cars (hot wheels cars, big cars, little
cars, trucks…anything with wheels really) and watch car movies.  I have 5 hot wheels car movies plus my Disney Cars movie.  CARS RULE!!!

Anyway, it’s 2009 and my Christmas was great.  I got SO MANY cars toys it’s AWESOME!!!!  I asked a lot of questions this year about
Santa Claus and about baby Jesus.  I like to sing “This little baby is born again”, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and the “12 days of
Christmas” (with help from one of my books).   We went to Hershey and I got to go to candy lane…I went on tons of rides and ate A LOT of
Hershey kisses.  It was sweet!

Well, That’s enough for now….I’ll try to update more often but even if I don’t, Mommy and Daddy will write what they think about me on my
birthday in a month.   

See you later!

Posted 6/16/2008

Hi everyone!  I’m back!  So this past 10 days I went to a ton of parties, learned a real joke, went lightening bug catching, learned to use a
hanger as a tool, read myself a book and played 20Q and twister.

It’s graduation season.  My big brother Anthony graduated from Abington and there’s been  A LOT of parties to go to.  Every weekend, we go
to another party. Some are really fun like when I have friends there but some are not so fun.     Sunday I cried at one party because someone
told me not to play on the piano and got in trouble but I said sorry then.  

Sunday was Father’s day and I made Daddy some pictures with my crayons and markers.  Her wore a ribbon all day saying best Dad.  That
night, we went lightening bug catching and found 9 lightening bugs.  They were SO COOL.  We took them in the house and turned out all the
lights and watched them light up.  Then, we took them back out and let them all go.  

My back was itchy so I grabbed a hanger and used it to scratch my back.  Daddy acted like I just invented something new the way he was so
excited I figured that out all by myself.  

We read books every night.  Lately, I’ve been reading to Daddy ( Note from Daddy: really, he memorizes the book then recites it back to me
while turning the pages)

Plus…Daddy let me play his 20Q game.. sometimes it wins and sometimes I win (note from Daddy: when I push the buttons, he plays for real.  
When he pushes the buttons, he makes up the questions and pushes yes or no.)  AND, daddy brought home the best coolest game called
Twister.  I was playing for a long time and had so much fun.  Then, he had the brilliant idea to video me playing on the computer and I didn’t
play so much.  Check out the Twister video on my you tube site.

See you later!

Posted Wednesday 6/4/2008

Hi everyone.  9 days since my last posting.  

Last Thursday was my last day of school this year.  I never really liked going to school..I cried a lot of times when Mommy dropped me off and
made her feel bad….but, all of my teachers always said how great I was to Mommy and Daddy.  They especially liked how I always helped to
clean up and that I could read / spell some words.  Most of the other 2-3 year olds in my room couldn’t do what I could do.  I’m soooo smart
and getting soooo big.

So I ‘m riding in my coach with Daddy last week and I noticed my hands were black.  He asked me how they got dirty and I told him …”[sigh]  
it’s a long story”.  I never did tell him what I was doing to get them dirty..

This weekend, Anthony gave me a bubble maker gun.  Daddy filled it up and put batteries in and I spent ½ an hour chasing my puppy Vincenzo
with it.  IT was really fun!

Monday night, I was trying to drink out of a big boy cup because, I’m big you know.  Anyway, I couldn’t get all of the water out so I put my
head back more.  All of the water went crashing down on my head and face.  I cried a little.  Then.Daddy was laughing at me.  I got mad and
yelled at him to STOP LAUGHING BECAUSE IT”S NOT FUNNY.  So what did he do.  He took me into the bathroom and kept telling me
how funny it was.  Then said, let me show you.  He took a cup of water and dumped it on his head!  Guess what…it was funny after all.  I said
sorry for getting mad and gave him a hug.

Today, I went to school with Mommy for 1 class.  I had so much fun coloring with her markers, crayons and colored pencils. Then I had a ball
writing on her white board with those dry-erase markers. Mom was so happy that she gave me a brand new pack of markers to take home.
However, on the way I decided to write with those markers on my legs, shorts and carseat. I then told mommy that I was sneaky and she turned
around in the car and wasn’t happy. I was going to get a donut treat, but… I didn’t cry about that though because I knew I was wrong. What
was I thinking? Later, I told her I was REALLY sorry for doing that.

POSTED Monday 5/27/08

It was a fun and weird week this week.  I did lots of cool stuff.  In the beginning of the week, I was riding in Daddy’s car and I tried telling him a
joke…he didn’t get it.  It was an easy joke..I don’t know why he didn’t get it.  I’ll write it for you.

“Why do the trees go to Applebees?  Because they were standing.  
Anyway, after Daddy didn’t get it, I said “ok..let’s just go get a doughnut. “(note from Daddy:  Not only didn’t I get the joke, he was laughing
hysterically plus…has re-told the joke 10 times to different people.  Once, he told this joke to his cousin Jesse who’s 4 and Jesse laughed.
Maybe I’m just old)

On Tuesday, I went with Daddy to see a Baseball game between the school he works at an Wilson Middle School.  It was fun.  I was cheering
for the guys and clapping and high fiving.  I had a good time!  After the game, I got some pitches thrown to me and hit 10-15 balls.  Everyone
was cheering real loud for me!

On Friday, I didn’t go to school but I went to school with Mommy and Daddy.  I spent most of my day with Mommy and 1 period with
Daddy.  When I was with Mommy, I was coloring with Markers, Pencils AND crayons…all 3!   I also was eating my breakfast and went for a
walk so I told another teacher to watch my breakfast and not eat any.   

For 1 class, I went to the gym with Daddy.  I watched the 8th grade classes play a game called king pin guard.  They were throwing a billion
balls all over the place.  I was playing too!  But..I didn’t get hit.  It was fun

Then Friday night, we went to Seaside for Memorial Day weekend. I saw all my cousins, aunts and uncles.  It was a whole lot of fun and I got
real tired.  On Saturday though, I woke up at 5:30am because I didn’t want to miss anything but that after noon, I slept for almost 3 hours for
my nap.  I didn’t go to the beach though..I just played.  We took 2 walks and went to the playground and saw fishys and swans.  

Sunday, Daddy got a bath with me and I washed myself like a big boy.  Well,,mommy had to do my hair but I did the rest of my body.  I asked
Momma to hold me like a baby when she took me out of the tub and Daddy said “gaga goo goo”  I never heard that before and he told me that’
s what babies say when they can’t talk.  But, then Mommy reminded me I used to say “BOP!”.  I loved that word.  I told them I remember
saying Bop and started saying it.

Just today, I asked to type on Daddy’s computer.  I called him in to ask him how to spell Maria and he was really surprised to see that I
typed….all by myself, Dad, Mom and Gio…each on it’s own line.  I am so smart!  Then, I pinched my hand in between the desk and the chair
AND my finger in my sunglasses.  After the sunglass thing, I said “I’m having a bad day.”

Also, I made a decision!  I am not going to eat anything healthy or “dinnery” N-E-MORE.  Well…sometimes I have to eat healthy food to eat
my snacks.  Daddy has pudding and he told me I can’t have any unless I eat something healthy.  So..we’re on our way to whole foods to get me
some healthy foods then I will eat PUDDING  YEAH!!!!!   

More next week

POSTED 5/18/2008 from Daddy

This is Gio's Daddy.  I want to say sorry for not updating this site more often.  Gio is growing so fast and doing so many cool things, it's hard to
keep up with.

I was thinking about making him a Myspace so people could blog back and forth about him but, for now, I'm keeping it the way it is.  I also
thought about making him a facebook but I found another website from magix corporation that allows internet slideshows and had enough
memory for me to post EVERY PICTURE I have of him on my computer at home.  CHECK IT OUT.

Starting today, Gio and I will be updating his website once a week or so so that he can tell you interesting things that happened that past week.
Once a month, we'll archive it in the files at the top of this page.  

I hope you enjoy his website and we'll be updating you more.  Now, for Gio's entry for 5/18:

Hi everybody!  I'm back.  Daddy is a jerk and didn't let me update for a while.  So....there's been SOOO MUCH STUFF happening since I
last posted.  For one thing, I turned 3!!  I am now 3 years old.  I am getting to be a big boy...but I'm still a little boy.   Mommy has been helping
me talk better...I have trouble with my C's sounding like T's.    When anyone catches me, I correct myself.  I am so smart.

During that time away, my Grandmom Mimi got very sick with a brain problem. When I heard she was sick, I sent her a car to make her feel
better.  Me and Daddy also prayed for her a few times at night and I would ask how she was doing.  She said it worked because she's home
now and doing a lot better.   She does have a big boo boo on the top of her head but she's getting better everyday! Yeah!

I also began coloring really good....when I want to and I can write my name by myself...well, I need help with the G but I can write the I and O.  

This past week, Daddy took off work to watch me on a day I didn't have school.  We had so much fun! We took a train ride, and he bought me
french fries/pizza and a new toy car...the speed racer mach 6!  Then, we went to a trampoline and I jumped and we had so much fun.

Also, Daddy bought me a computer today just for me!  It lets me play games about letters and words and counting!  Some of the games are too
hard but that's ok..I'll get it.

Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding last night.  When I saw Mommy dressed up, I said "you're so beautiful". She liked that!  

Ok...well, I'll update next week! CHECK BACK SOON
Giovanni Vincent Corabi
3 years old Journal