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Posted 1/19/2008:  2 years 11 months old

Well....I’m almost 3 years old.  I last updated my website a month ago.  So much has happened since then but I will tell you about some of the cooler
things.  First, Daddy wanted me to point out that the potty watch is still on.  I have yet to use the potty even though I am a genius (ha ha).

Check the scrolling bar to see if I used the potty or not yet!

Ok, well, back to my last month.

It was Christmas!  Christmas was so cool! I got lots of toys from Santa and went to lots of parties.  I also went to Chocolate World in Hershey.  My
favorite present had to be my shake and go race cars set.  I play with it every day.  Daddy was really impressed the first time I took the cars and
placed them into 3 groups of 3 in order to get them ready to race.  Now, I group them all of the time.  Sometimes I group them by color, sometimes by
type of car, and last night, I took all the cars from the cars movie and put them in one group, the regular race cars in another group and the super hero
race cars in another group.  But sometimes, the cars don’t go when they are suppose to or only go a little bit.  So..I run and find Daddy and say,
“Daddy, (insert car name here) has an issue!”.  He laughed the first couple times I said that phrase.  What..does he think I’m funny or something?

Before Christmas, I was in my first church play.  I was a little Sheppard.  I got dressed up, walked up the isle, stood by myself (well…with all the rest
of the boys and girls but I was the littlest) and stood over top of Baby Jesus’ manger.   Everyone was looking at me and Mommy and Nanny were
crying.  After the play, everyone in church was coming up to me and telling me how great I did!

After Christmas, I helped Daddy take down all of the decorations,  He would pull them down and I would carry (or drag) them up to the front of the
house and pile them up.  A couple times, I even pulled the lights off trees myself.  It was so cool helping.  I helped like a big boy!

One night, me and Daddy were watching Jack’s music show.  Jack and Betty were having a fight on if they were going to play spaceships or opera.  
Well..I decided we were going to play space ships and dragons.  I found my dragon puppet and a toy plane.  I made Daddy chase me around the
house with a dragon and I was flying away from him.  HE caught me because I’m only little and ticked me to death!  

Speaking of Jack, it’s one of my favorite shows now along with little bear, franklin and bunny town.  Jack and Bunny town sing a lot.  I love singing
and dancing.  Sometimes, I put on dance shows for everybody. I made Daddy play freeze dance with me a couple times “like yesterday” when we
were playing along with Jack’s music show.  (note from Daddy:  everything that happened before, whether a week, month, year “like
yesterday”.”    When I’m not dancing, I grab my toy guitar and party like a rock star.  New year’s eve (see pic), I grabbed a blow up guitar and was
singing for everyone at the New year’s party in seaside.  It was cool!

Speaking of singing…everyone knows I like singing but for the last 2 weeks, I’ve been trying to learn a song “Here I am to Worship”.  Everynight, in
case you don’t know, Daddy comes into my room and sings and prays with me.  He sings the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Song, Sponge Bob and then
a worship song. Then we pray.  Well…I’ve been cutting him off and trying to sing Here I am to worship by myself.  So on Sunday 1/12/08,  I started
singing it in the car on the way to church.  At our church, I get to stay in the main hall and listen to the band before they send the kids downstairs to the
play room and junior church.  What do you know, on this day, Here I am to Worship was one of the songs!  Mommy cried.  I got shy thought and
only sang a little bit.  

So anyway, it’s January 2008…1 month away from turning the big 3.  My height will be my age…isn’t that cool!  When I went back to school, in
January after Christmas break, of course I cried.  I use to cry every morning when Mommy left me.  But, every day Mommy calls school to check on
me and they always tell her how good I’m being.  One day, she picked me up and the teacher Ms. Gail told her how I was reading to the class.  I
memorized the story from my favorite school book and started “reading” it out loud.  After a minute or so, all of the other kids started sitting around me
listening to me read.  So..I started showing them the pictures like I was the teacher.  They were impressed.

They also started a new thing called “child of the day”.  Of course you know who that was the very first day don’t you?  YES>ME!!!!.  I could be
child of the day every day according to Ms. Gail, Ms. Liz and Ms. Joanne because they say I’m so helpful cleaning up my toys and I never have to go
to time out.  But…they have to give other kids the prize too.

Also, you know how I love soccer?  Well..I also started to love football catch and kick too.  I am pretty good.  I can catch it about ½ the time now.  I
love to play and exercise.  I was doing stretches with daddy one day before soccer and with Mommy, I was doing pilates and yoga.  It’s very very
funny twisting your body in all those ways.  I just started jumping far too.  I can jump almost 4 feet off the step going into my living room from the
kitchen (Daddy measured me) and almost 1 foot high when I dive onto my pillows on my bed.  WOW!  

Ok time I update..I’ll be 3 YEARS OLD.  YEAH!!!!!!

(note from Mommy: One night, Gio and I were sitting looking at pictures and watching tv.   I was organizing the pictures into groups and he was
helping.  I came across a picture of when I was pregnant with him.  What does our little genius say?  “Mommy, is that when I was in your tummy…like
yesterday?”  I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.  We are so blessed to have this little angel in our lives for almost 3 years.  To anyone who view this
website on a regular basis…thanks and keep on checking back! May God Bless you )


Posted 12/10/2007:  2 years 10 months old

I’m back!  After a few months away from the website, I am back to update all of my family and fans with my latest adventures.  Big news is I am now
in pre-school but I’m still in diapers.

I started school in September.  My first day, I walked in with my new Lightening Mcqueen Back pack and had such a great time.  The teachers said
they were very impressed with me because I am soooo smart!    After that..I started being sad when Mommy and Daddy left me.  I usually cry for a
few minutes when they drop me off but then I stop crying and have a good time.  Sometimes, my brother Anthony or Mommy will pick me up early
and I am very happy.    

On days I am not in school, I stay home with my new babysitter Ms. Jessica.  She’s fun and I love sleeping in my own bed for nap time.    

Mommy and Daddy are very happy with my language.  They say “he knows everything”

(note: from Daddy:  Gio is able to hold full conversations ..he doesn’t say phrases or broken sentences…he says full sentences and has conversations
with people.  He is able to speak in the abstract using phrases and expressions in the correct context.  He also gets his singular, plural, and possessive
correct about 75-80% of the time.  Some of his pronunciation still needs work.  For instance, he rarely says a hard C, he usually makes it sound like a

At night, Daddy usually still puts me to bed.  I brush my teeth standing on my little stool in the bathroom.  Sometimes I have to remind Daddy that I
have to brush my teeth.  Mommy remembers but Daddy sometimes forgets.  I also read stories…Well…Mommy or Daddy read to me most of my
books but I do read my numbers book to them.  After I jump on the bed about a billion times, we sing the Sponge Bob Square Pants song and the
Mickey Mouse Club House song (see videos below).  Daddy usually sings a worship song to me after that and finally, we pray together.  A lot of time,
I just listen.  But sometimes, I pray to Jesus too and say thank you for all my toys.   

My favorite things to do are still play with cars and balls but also, to watch my shows and paint/color/draw.  I play soccer every day in my house and
also football kick (kick a sponge football trying to get it over the couch).  My favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Club house, Higgly Town Heroes,
Bunny Town, Happy Monster Band, Franklin, Baby Bumblebee and Little Bear.  Brain Candy is cool too and almost every Playhouse Disney show is
fun to watch.  My favorite songs are the Mickey Mouse and Sponge Bob songs, This little baby is born again (see videos) and Party Like a Rick Star
(for real but he wouldn’t sing it for the camera)

Recently, I asked Mommy, “ Why does Daddy call me a little boy...I am a big boy”  So..we had to talk about it.  I say I am a big boy but Daddy says
I’m not yet because I am still in diapers and don’t use the potty.  But I AM a big boy (or so I told him).  I can walk down the steps all by myself and
do chores.  I feed the dog, I throw things out, I run and get things, and I am a good boy…..most of the time (ha ha).  So, Daddy is just picky.  

I also am a big boy because I can help Mommy in the kitchen.  I helped her make Christmas cookies just earlier tonight. We made Shells (Pizzelles)
and I ate 3 of them while we were making them.  

There are so many other things I could add but I’m not going too.  I’ll try to update my site sooner instead of later but I am just so busy playing,
watching my shows and going to school…it’s hard to remember to do it.

Thanks for looking.

My picture site was updated with a few pictures including the ones on this web page. Check it out!


QUICK UPDATE:  AUGUST 28TH.   went for a check up.  I'm 1 inch shorter than 3 feet tall which is in the 30th percentile (%) and 29.5
lbs which is in the 45th %. head is 20" round which is in the 80th %.  Guess that's why I'm so smart

Posted 8/4/2007:  currently 2 and ½ years old.

I’m back!!  After taking about 2 months off, I am entering another entry into my
online journal.  I am now 2 and ½ years old and in between the time I last posted and
today, A LOT of cool stuff has happened.  Let me share it with you.

I can now say 10-15 word sentences sometimes and hold small conversations with
people.  Along with the conversations, my imagination is also developing because I
make up conversations between my toys (mostly cars).

I am constantly asking “what’s that” and “what’s that sound” because I always
want to learn more.  I also like asking “why” and “why not” .  I also like to ask,
“what’s next”.  Usually when I ask it, I’m in the middle of doing something and
stand with my finger touching the side of my lip to stop and think about what I’m
doing next.

Did you the notice the contraction?  I say “what’s” not “what is”.  I use contractions
correctly most of the time.  One day, Daddy was eating and someone was trying to
take a bit of his food.  I said” stop, that’s Daddy’s food” but he said it was ok if they
had some so I said,” ohh” .   

When watching tv, I repeat words and started singing songs I know.  I love watching
playhouse Disney still and like to walk around the house singing mickey mouse
clubhouse and I sing along with many of the shows when they are on. Away from
the tv, I can name almost all of the characters from Play house Disney and my Nick
shows.  Other than cartoons, I also like watching some big kid shows on Disney and
nick but my favorite thing to watch are race cars!  

Everyone knows I love cars and will sit for an hour just playing with them, moving
them, racing them, crashing them.  I’m starting to ask other people if they will play
with me and ma learning how to share and take turns instead of being greedy.  But
these last 2 months, I started watching race cars on tv and also monster trucks.  My
favorite monster trucks are batman and gravedigger.   

Away from the tv and my toys, I still almost ALWAYS talk about cars.  When we
are walking or driving, I yell out constantly the types of cars I see.  I can name race
cars (sports cars), suv’s, pickup trucks, buses, school buses, police cars, vans and
fire trucks.  Sometimes I play the car game which is someone picks a color and the
1st person to find that color car gets a point.  Nobody let’s me win so I really try
hard to win the game.  I win sometimes.  

I also tell jokes.  I know 2 knock knock jokes and also love making fart jokes.  The
first time I did it, I said” momma, watch this” then bent over, pointed my hieny at
her and let one go.  She calls them flago’s so everytime I do one, I proudly yell
“Mine flago’d.” Another thing I find funny is waking people up.  I say” wake up
sleepy head” really loud. Sometimes, I pretend I am sleeping and tell other people
to tell me to wake up sleepy head then act like they scared me.

Daddy is also teaching me my address and phone number.  I get the address right
about half of the time with a cue but I don’t do the phone number so well yet.  

Mommy is making sure Istay healthy.  She gives me lots of organic and whole foods
and makes sure I get calcium while staying away from cow's milk.  I went 2 times to
the chiropracter and love it.  I get up on the table like a big boy and answer the
Doctor's questions.  He says I follow directions pretty well for a 2 year old.  It's fun
getting adjusted!

I do make some mistakes still though.  For example, I usually get “mine” and “I”
mixed up.  For example, I would say “Can mine have something to eat? “ (which
coincidentally is a sentence I say A LOT during the day).  Speaking of eating, my
favorite things to eat are fig newtons but not just 1..I always ask for 2 fig newtons.  

The only baby thing I haven’t stopped yet is wearing diapers.  I just can’t see the
point in telling someone I have to potty when all I have to do is poop and pee pee in
my diaper.  But, I have 2 dvd’s from elmo and bear about using the potty so I guess
if they can do it, I can too.  Mommy and Daddy hope for me to be using the potty by
September but I’m not trying to rush anything. (ha ha)

This is all general stuff.  The rest of this posting will be about my trip to Florida.

This is my 3rd trip to Florida.  The 1st time, I was only a few months old.  Then I
went when I was a year and a few months and now at 2 and 4-5 months. IT WAS

The car ride down was long..about 19 hours but I was good.  Mommy and Daddy were
telling me how proud they were of me for being so good the whole way down.  About
2/3 the time I was sleeping but that’s besides the point.  

Once at my “florida house” I saw our pool, and got out all of our toys I left down
there the year before.  Some of them I tossed to the side because now I’m big, and
began to play.  That night, we went to a place called “shooters” for dinner.  I saw a
fish tank with bunch of fish.  Anthony and Maria took me to see the fish and I
found a yellow one and named it “Cheryl”.  I then found a “Cheryl fish” in every
fish tank I saw down in Florida the whole trip.

A couple days later, I went to a drive in movie with everybody.  I got to stay up late
(actually, I couldn’t fall asleep while the 1st movie was on) and while the movie was
on, I sat on Daddy’s lap, stared up at the clouds and named them all Disney
characters.  I saw Goofy, Mickey and Donald.

Earlier that day, we went to the swap shop which is like a big flea market.  But they
also have a lot of really expensive cars for sale. They looked like race cars to me but
Daddy said most of them were Ferraris.  I did get my picture taken though in front
of a really famous race car, The fabulous Hudson hornet aka Doc Hudson from the
movie CARS.  It was awesome.  I kept saying “this is cool” and yelled ,”There’s
doc..there’s doc”.

While at the swap shop, Daddy bought me a new toy car.  It is a blue Mustang.
When I got it home, maria asked me what I was going to name it.  I said “I dunno”
and went on playing.  About 5 minutes later, I said, “Ria, I know…Carmine (Daddy
thinks I came up with the name because the car is mine).  So, car mine became a
favorite car.

Oh yeah..I almost forgot.  I get to swim “by my self”.  I wear a swim suit with floaty
things sewn into them and then I put on swimmies on my arms and I can “swim” by
my self.  I’m awesome. I can move about 5 feet without stopping and can float with
my piggies sticking out of the water too.  I haven’t put my face in yet but why rush?

On July 4th, I saw my first Lauderdale-by-the-sea Independence day parade and my
first fireworks.  At the parade, there were tons of trucks, cars police cars and fire
trucks.  All of them had their sirens on, or music playing and some people threw me
candy.  That night, I stayed up late to watch the fireworks.  I was little scared but
1st Daddy let me it on his lap then I went to Mommy’s lap so they made it ok.
Every couple minutes, I’d see fireworks go off from people around us and when they
stopped, would ask”ok..time to go home”.  It wasn’t until the real fireworks began
that I knew what I went to see.  They were really cool.

On July 5th, Mommy and Daddy took me to Whole foods with them to get food.
When we got back into the car, I put my hands together by my self and said ,”dear
Jesus. Thank you for this food.”  I kept repeating myself but them Daddy ended it
for me.  Daddy was really surprised I did it by my self...he called Uncle (Pastor)
Dave and Mommy cried a little bit.  From that day on, at dinner, Daddy asked me
“who’s turn it was to pray and Tia Margo was amazed that I went through everyone
without letting anyone repeat.  Everyone needed to have a turn.  

On July 7th,there was a monumental checkpoint…I bought a new dubbity.  I still
use my old Dubbity when I’m upset and for sleeping but the new dubbity is in the
crib with me and acts like my blanket when I need to get warm.  I won’t give up old
dubbity completely but I know it’ll have to go sometime so I want to be ready with a
replacement when the time comes.  

Oh well…that is as much as I can remember right now about my last couple of
months (like it’s not enough).  Hope you all check back soon.  I’ll probably update
this site again in September when I start school!!!!!!!

See you all soon

June 4th, 2007:     2 years and 4 months old

Well…I’m back.  I haven’t updated my website lately because I’ve been busy, busy, busy.  It has been a wonderful 4 months since Mommy or Daddy
posted anything on my website and a long time since I posted something myself.  So what’s been going on?  

My favorite things to do are still play cars and soccer.  I also like to count and work with numbers.  When me and Daddy are walking, I read all the
numbers off the mailboxes.  I’ve discovered hide and seek but I really seek better than I hide and I like to “read” my books and type on Daddy’s
computers.  I love helping daddy with stuff.  Also, I love jumping on the bed or on moon bounces (but not with big kids).    

Mommy and Daddy call me a “vacuum” with how fast I learn.  I know my entire ABC’s and can identify every letter out of order.  I can count to 20 in
English (occasionally will make one mistake) and 10 in Spanish.  I know how much I weigh, how to spell my name, and how to spell stop.  Sometimes,
I spell Mommy and Daddy’s name too but I also sometimes make mistakes.  They are amazed at the intelligent conversations they have with me.  They
joke that I’m smarter than some of their 6th graders because often, I can speak to them in almost complete sentences.  I know about 6-7 different
colors and can remember the names of about 30 people.    According to the development websites, in all of these areas, I’m about 6 months ahead of
schedule which in short, means I’m really smart in addition to cute and athletic!  

I’m not potty trained yet and am still sleeping in a crib but why rush it?  Just kidding.  I’m getting a big kid bed this summer and will be using the potty
hopefully by September.  Diapers are easier for me but sometimes, they get really sloppy!  

I still go to bed good most nights and sleep pretty much from 8:00-9:00pm until around
6:00-7:00am.  Daddy still sings to me and prays with me every night.  Some times, I pray for us but I don’t talk as much as he does.   Speaking of
singing,  I also started a new singing career.  I like singing along to some songs from the wiggles, casting crowns and other songs I don’t know who
make but Mommy and Daddy listen to or Daddy sings to me at night.  Well, just kidding about the career but when they have “baby idol” watch out!  

Well…that’s all for now.  I’m done working now (typing) and need to go play with my cars.  Talk to you soon

(Note from Daddy):  Watching Gio grow first hand is an un-believable miracle to say the least.  I am so blessed that Jesus gave me a son to raise, to
teach, and to play with.  He is really smart, loves playing games/ being active with me, is very healthy, and generally, a happy baby.  He is well behaved
and although particularly hyper when “busy” doing things, has a calm and pleasant personality.  I love just sitting watching him as well as playing with
him.  He amazes me each day how fast he is growing and words really can not begin to express the love I have for him!  Thank you Jesus!  There truly
is a God because this beautiful of a thing can only be made in Heaven!


I can't believe that I am writing the account of our baby boy who is almost 2 years old! It seems like we have had him forever...yet it went so fast. He
is such a precious, wonderful gift from God.

First of all he is so adorable. He does have my blue eyes but looks just like his dad. We have pictures of Todd at this age and they are twins! He is
growing fine and weighs almost 30 pounds!

He still loves to kick around any ball and make it into a soccer ball. It seems to be innate in him after his dad again. But, he has found a new obsession,
CARS! He loves the movie beyond belief and wants to watch it everyday, even though it is so long for a baby. We have to hide it. He has all of the
cars from the movie and plays with them all day, riding them around on the sofa and any flat surface saying, VROOM and “Oh No” when they are
crashing.  He also tells some of the characters to be careful before the crash scenes.  His birthday party is no doubt be a cars theme.

He is a great eater! He loves eggs, whole-grain pancakes, waffles, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, avocados, pasta, chicken, almond butter, raw
bars that have almonds and dates, raisins, prunes, greens etc.  But his favorite food to eat as treats are French Fries and Pizza.  He doesn’t eat the
Fries that often and his Dad is the one who corrupted his pure organic appetite.  As far as Pizza, he really just eats the crust and cheese. We
don’t give him dairy, juices or sugar so he is usually really healthy!

He is also soooo smart. It is to be expected since his parents and 2 caretakers/sitters are all  TEACHERS! He knows many of the letters, numbers and
in Spanish too. He hears Spanish 3 days a week at Aunt Millie’s and responds appropriately. Aunt Donna teaches him so many cute things and he
loves to go to her house and see Alfie (the guinea pig), the football guy, Bobby, Nick and Bob. He closes drawers and cabinets and put things back
where they belong. I can’t imagine where he gets that from (considering both his parents are semi-OCD)?? He reminds us at times to pray at dinner
and says just about every word he comes in contact with.

He usually sleeps really well, from 7:30 pm to ~6 or 6:30 am. Then he has a nice long nap at lunchtime.

Maria, Anthony, Todd and I just eat him up everyday and can’t get over the things that he says and does. Nanny comes every weekend and spends all
her time with him and has such a great time. She misses him again by Monday!  Mimi doesn’t see him as much as Nanny but he is equally excited to
see her when she comes over or talk to her on the phone.  


(Written by Gio's Mommy on 2/3/2007)
Giovanni Vincent Corabi
2 years old Journal