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1 YEAR OLD!!!!!!

From: Gio:

Hi again.  Mommy and Daddy want to write some things to you about me this month since I am FINALLY 1 year old.  No, just kidding.  It went
quick.  It seems like just yesterday I was in that dark room all by myself with nothing to do but play with my fingers then BAM!!!!!!. Into this
world.  Oh well.  Here’s my Dad.

From Daddy

It has been one full year since my son was born and I couldn’t be happier.  God was gracious enough to give me everything I asked for.  Gio is
healthy, smart, athletic, and cute and he is my son.  I love spending time with him playing especially when we play “sports” (bouncing and chasing
different size balls together) watch and dance to the Wiggles and recently, playing the drums together.  

He is so smart too.  I notice every little thing he does but, being a Physical Education teacher, I notice the little things more than most people
would.  Everything he does makes him learn something new.  He quickly learns from his mistakes and often, demonstrates higher order thinking
skills.  While playing the drums, he methodically hit the drums 5-6 times then stopped to hit the sticks together 3 times.  The he repeated the
sequence over and over again.  

He taught himself how to climb up steps and has become really good at it.  He walks everywhere now and pulls his hand from me when I go to help
him up if he falls.  He understands a lot more than he should recognizing basic commands and usually listening to them appropriately.  For example,  
he comes when called and hands me objects when asked.  He tries hard to communicate with us repeating some words (without really knowing
what they are), making tons of different sounds and noises and making up some of his own words to go along with it.  His favorite word to say is
“Bop”.  While nursing (and he’s only down to one time per day now), he stops, looks up at Mom and says, “Bop”.  We can’t figure out what it
means but he usually says it when he’s looking for a ball or nursing.  

I took from my Health materials I teach from a year to year check list to make sure your baby is on track developmentally.  Not only is Gio on
track, he is about 2 months ahead of schedule for some things.  In fact, he was doing 7 things from a list of 12-18 months 2 months ago when he
was only 10 months old!     

One way or the other, I have to thank God for my son and hope and pray for MANY happy years with him.  I can’t imagine my world without him
and feel so lucky.  I love you Gio!

From Mommy:

I can’t believe that my baby is already with us for a year. It has been such an unbelievable one! He has changed all of our lives for the better and we
can’t imagine life before him.

Anthony and Maria have become such great big siblings. They know exactly how to take care of him and love to play with him  and make him
laugh. Everyday they say how cute and wonderful he is.

God blessed me again by having the school district make an exception and allow me to take the other half of my year leave now. Todd agreed that
it would be a great idea and with half-pay, full benefits to stay home with Gio, who could refuse? So, I will be home with him until September when
he will be one and a half years old. I am so lucky and thrilled because now he is so much fun and we will have the whole spring and summer to be
outside enjoying the great weather.

He sleeps about 11 ½ hours per night and then still takes 2 good naps. He eats three good meals a day and 2 snacks-loves to eat!! He eats mostly
organic and very healthy foods-he’s my clean slate to form into a truly healthy being. He sits in a front-facing carseat and really enjoys the car now,
looking out the windshield and bopping to the music-loves music. He hangs at the daycare at the gym and has fun there too. We have a great
routine and love being together all day.

I am so unbelievably blessed in my life. I have a  beautiful and wonderful baby, the perfect husband for me, two respectful, loving and genuinely
good Christian kids, all my physical possessions, a great group of close friends and extended family, a mom who is still here to stay with us on
weekends and enjoy her grandkids, a rewarding job where I can work with my husband and last but not least, a really cute and lovable dog who
follows me everywhere!

I would say that Gio is lucky to be a part of all this and I come to tears often that he is.

10 months + 1 week

It’s a week into my 11th month and I’m in the middle of my first Christmas season.  Sorry Grandma it took me so long to update my website but
you know how busy I am….taking my naps, playing, eating….you know how important things are.  No really, Daddy’s computer wasn’t working
right and it just got finished being fixed yesterday.

Anyway, what has happened since my last posting.  Well, I celebrated my first Thanksgiving, went to my first Christmas event, saw my first snow
fall (and 2nd for that matter), learned how to play better and came a step closer to walking on my own

In order,  so for Thanksgiving Me, Cenzo, Mommy, Daddy and Nanny went to my Great Grandma’s  house.  Other people that were there were
Grandma Mimi, Aunt Donna, Aunt Irene, Aunt Monica, Uncle Buddy and my cousins Mitch, Jenni, Buddy and Matthew.  They had 5 other dogs
running around that house other than Cenzzy!  I ate a couple pieces of really small pieces of turkey and my cousin Jenni kept trying to sneak me
cake but Momma wasn’t having it.  Daddy told me that Thanksgiving is a special day where we celebrate what we have.  I explained to me that the
Pilgrims came to America in search of religious freedom and made friends with the people that lived here called Indians.  They had a harvest feast
together and that was the first Thanksgiving.  He also prayed with me about being thankful for everything we’re lucky enough to have.  I was very
interested in everything he was saying.

About a week later, I went to my first Christmas event ever!  Daddy told me Christmas means a bunch of things but most importantly it’s the birth
of JESUS who is our Lord and Savior.  We pray to Jesus together every night (well, he prays and I usually rest my head on his shoulder or chew
my blanket).  But, he also told me about Santa Clause.  I’m telling you, both of these guys seem pretty cool to me.  They both offer gifts.  Santa’s I
get in a few more weeks!  Anyway, to the point….Everyone at my house, Nanny and Grandma Mimi all went to a place called Feeney’s.  It’s a
nursery (which is a garden store) and they had a Christmas festival.  Every room was decorated different for Christmas.  There was like 10 different
rooms each with it’s own Christmas tree.  Outside, there were real animals in a pen.  I had a lot of pictures taken of me.  I even had pictures taken
sitting in a nativity scene and in front of Santa’s Chair.  No…Santa wasn’t there.  He was busy at the North Pole.  

About a week and a half after that I saw my first snow.  Then….yesterday, I saw my 2nd snow.  I didn’t go out and play in it yet but Daddy
brought some into me.  I thought Mamma was gonna kill him for bringing snow into the house but she just laughed about it because he put it on my
food tray of my height chair so it couldn’t get messy.   Seems really cold and wet.

I am getting really close to taking my first steps by myself.  I can stand by myself without holding onto anything and I can walk really far holding on
to Daddy’s fingers but I still can’t take steps without holding on without tumbling.  Daddy says I’m scared.  Wouldn’t you be scared?  I’m very
comfortable moving around on my hand and knees.

And boy can I move!  I move FAST!  With that, I have a new game I play.  Me and Mommy (or whomever but usually Mommy since I’m with her
all day) will be in the living room watching playhouse Disney.  Then, around 10:00am, she changes the channel on me and puts on the Tony Danza
show.  So..., I make my way over to the door way that goes into the kitchen and turn around to look at her smiling.  When she begins to move, I
take off as fast as I can into the kitchen.  When she catches me and picks me up to bring me back into the living room, I laugh my head off as if she
was tickling me.  I do this 2-3 times before she gives up and lets me stay in the kitchen.  There, I play with a few cans (Christmas decorations) and
bang them around making a lot of noise.  It’s fun.

Me and Cenzo have been playing a lot together too.  I try taking his toys and vice versa and we have fun together.  I especially like when he’s on
the chair or couch.  I sneak up behind him, hit his tail, then duck down really small behind the chair.  I’ll do it a couple times before Cenzo looks
down at me and I start laughing again.  Then he usually moves so I can’t get him or starts barking jumping around me like I’m one of his toys.

And let’s not forget my ball.  Last I wrote, I explained I have 5 toy balls.  Well, I found out how to throw.  Me and Daddy sort of have a catch.  
Well…I throw the ball to Daddy, he catches it, throws it back and it hits me.  But I keep trying.  At least I can throw.  Just today, he caught me
throwing the ball against the door and then trying to get it as it bounced back.  It’s pretty fun.  But not as fun as knocking down the tower of stack
cups.  Everyday, Daddy builds me a tower with plastic cups and I LOVE knocking it down.  Sometimes with a ball, sometimes without.  He keeps
building, I keep breaking.  It’s great!  Playing with the ball and cups together is cool.  Other than bowling, I like taking my small ball, placing it in a
cup and tossing it around with the cup.

Well…pretty un-eventful month right?  Talk to you next month

9 months!    

It’s really funny how fast I am growing.  Every month, me and Daddy update my website and he almost always starts out by saying,” this was a big
month” or something like that.  But…..every month IS  a big month!  This past month, I really hit some milestones!

I became more social this month because now I love to wave hello to people.  For that matter, I wave at stuffed animals, leaves blowing in the
wind, dogs, and pretty much anything else that seems like it’s looking at me.’s cute and that’s what counts.

On October 27th, I got my first top tooth.  A day later, I got 2 more.  Now, I drool more than I ever did before, my nose in runny and I got a
weird little rash on my chin apparently all from teething.  Mommy gives me these little cookies that look like dog biscuits but they do let me feel
better anyway.

Ok, I’m not quite walking on my own yet but give me another month or so and I will be.  I LOVE standing and cruising around.  I like climbing
too.  I always sneak out of the living room up the dining room step into the kitchen to sit with Mommy as she’s cooking or doing the dishes.  I also
climb up on my one toy thingy Grand mom Mimi bought me and try to reach into my crib.  One time, I reached through the bars, grabbed a toy and
lifted it up as far as I could reach.  But…I’m still too short even with standing on my toys to reach over the top of the crib and take it out.

But, I’m not too small to stand up and look into my toy box.  I have 2 favorite toys that I make sure are out; my fruit and vegetables (specially
“corn”), and balls.  I have a mini soccer ball, a mini basketball, a plush football, and 2 little balls that fit in my hands and have things in them that
spin.  They are cool.  I play sometimes for an hour with them rolling them around and chasing them.

My problem solving doesn’t stop there.  I couldn’t reach my cheerios sitting on my feeding chair tray so I took the tray off, tilted it towards me and
then put in back down to get the cheerios as they slid towards me.  Pretty smart hey?   

So, I’m sitting there one day and I started humming to myself.  Mommy swears the song sounded familiar but she can’t place it.  But humming isn’t
my only new noises.  I have a new game I play called ”copy Mommy’s noises”.  She makes weird noises with her lips and I copy what she’s
doing.  Daddy says I’m pretty good at it.  I think it’s funny.  But that’s not the only noises I am doing.  On 10/28 at 5:24, I said what Mommy and
Daddy believe is my first real word English.

I’m sitting getting fed as Daddy comes home.  Mommy said,” wave high to Daddy”.  So I did and then said very clearly, “Da Da!”.  Daddy ran
over and picked me up and squeezed me.  Then I yelled and he put me down.  Since then, I have repeated a few other words I’ve heard (usually
one syllable) but I can’t say them when asked and have no idea what the others mean

8 months  

It seems like every month is a big one but this month was Gio-hugic!  First off, Not only am I standing, I am cruising.  That means, I hold on to
things and move like for example, I might hold onto the side of my crib and then walk to the other end.  I do this with furniture too!  Everybody is
really excited about it.  I also climb over things and I can even climb up 1 step.  That's dangerous Daddy says.  I am forever trying to climb up the
step from my tv room to the kitchen but they keep catching me and moving me.  Daddy let me do it once but he was standing behind me.  They are
always afraid I will fall and hit my head.

Since I can't quite walk by myself yet, I got better at creeping (hands and knees) and rolling.  I can get around really fast now.  Sometimes, me and
my doggie Vincenzo play tag on the floor.  He lets me win because I still can't move that fast yet but it's fun anyway pulling his hair.

Which brings me to being sneaky.  There are lots of things Mommy doesn't want me to touch but when she's not looking, I try and get them
anyway.  When I get caught...I just smile.  Some people don't think I can understand them yet but I can.  Everytime Daddy tells me to "stop" when
I'm trying to get to that step, I do.

Which brings me to communication.  Mommy is trying to teach me 2 sign language words so I can tell her when I'm thirsty and hungry.  But...crying
usually works better for me.   I am however, trying hard to talk.  I can make "sentences" with my sounds and sometimes, even combine 2 different
sounds together.  Problem is, they still don't know what my sounds mean all the time because I still speak baby not human.  But I'm coming close.  I
can say Ma, Da, and a few other one syllable words and combine them like ma ma and stuff.  

That being said, I think I can understand about 1/3 of the words Mommy and Daddy say to me.  Daddy's favorite thing is when he tells me to go
get my "corn" which is a toy piece of corn I have from my food set.  I know which one the corn is and get it for him everytime but he keeps talking
about an orange and apple and I have no idea what they are.

As far as eating goes, I am down to nursing only 3...sometimes 4 times a day.  The rest of the time, I eat baby food.  Usually I eat oatmeal or barley
and some fruit.  Sometimes, I eat little pieces of english muffin,  cheerios or things like that.  And gues what!  I pick them up with my pointer finger
and thumb!  This isn't suppose to happen until 10 months.

Mommy and Daddy keep telling me how smart and advanced I am.  I just smile and say, " I know!"    

7 months  

WOW!  This past month was a really big one for me.  I don't even know where to start so let me just take each step one at a time:

I took my first trip to Florida.  We drove and I slept most of the way cause Daddy drove at night for me.  Florida's cool..or should I say warm.  It
was really sunny and hot but the pool and the ocean felt good. They were like 90 degrees..  Momma says Florida water is the best!  It's not like up
here being so rough.    I had a cool floating Little Tykes car I liked to float  in but it got a hole in it…..and deflated.  

While in Florida, lots of things happened to me.  I can now sit up on my own and roll from my belly to my back, back to belly and to each side.  
This is big because before, I could only sit up if somone put me in that position but now I can do it alone.  I sit and play sometimes forever and
don't fall down!  

August 13th/14th   My bed chair was taken away.  I did get up twice but I fell back to sleep and slept until 5:00 (up until then, I normally slept until
4).  1 day later, I decided I was too big for my swing so I tried climbing out of it but, they had me locked in so I just hung there for a few minutes
until Mommy came in the room when she heard me on tehrmonitor.   Daddy took it apart ajnd that was the end of my swinging days.

But...the 2 biggest things happened just before and just after my bed situation.  On August 11th, I got my first tooth!  The doctor told me about 2
weeks ago the tooth would come through “any day now”.  It finally did.  And did it hurt!  Front left was the first.  A couple days later, front right.  
More to come and I’m sure, more pain which also equals more crying for Mom and Dad to listen to.   

Then on  August 15th, MOVEMENT.   Ok…it’s backwards but it’s still movement.   I can move pretty well on my back by pushing my legs on
the floor and arching my back. On my tummy, I somehow push myself backwards.  Sitting, when I'm not falling over, I can scooch along on my
butt.  I also roll but not far..I get dizzy/

So, I'm playng in my playpen one day and  I grabbed onto the bars and started pulling.  Eventually, I pulled myself up so I was standing looking
over the side.  Mommy almost had a heart attack because I scared her.  Apparently, I'm not supposed to stand up yet at 7 months but I did.  That
means pretty soon I'll be walking..then running then watch out world!

One of my favorite things to do this past month was laughing, especially at my big brother.  One day, he kept sneezing so I kept laughing. Then, he
was trying to throw a float on our deck in Florida and kept missing.  I laughed cause it was funny and everyone thought it was weird I knew it was
funny.  Two of my other favorite things to do are sitting on Daddy's lap listening to music..I do this for a long time and often fall asleep.  That's the
other thing I like to do, sleep in Daddy's arms.  Mommy says he spoils me so that I am a real pistol, whatever that means, when Daddy's in work.  

Finally, yesterday (9/3)  I really really really examined a menu at subway.  Daddy though this was the coolest thing because I turned it and stared at
it and looked at it's shape, colors and how it worked for like 5 minutes before I finally tried puttingit in my mouth.  Normally, I just put things in my
mouth.  He was really proud of me cause he said it showed signs of Intelligence for me to be that observant about something I never saw before at
such a young age.  I am growing up.  

6 months  

Hey everyone.  Daddy is having a problem uploading pictures so you'll have to wait until September.  But I have lots of cool things to tell you about
anyway.  I went to the Doctor to day for my 6 month check up.  I weigh almost 16 lbs and am about 25 1/2 inches long.  That means I am 2 feet 1
inches tall.  6 more inches and I'm already half the size of Mommy.  8 inches more and I'm half the sice of Daddy!  I'm growing too fast.

This month I took my first trip to Wildwood.  I met all my cousions and Aunts and Uncles from Indiana and Ohio cause they come back every year
for a week.  I liked the sand and sitting with everyone.  The water on the other hand was cold and scary

I sit up all by myself now.  I need help getting to that position but when I'm there, I can sit for a long time before I tumble over.  

I'm getting better at speaking.  I still can't speak English but I'm making sentences with my baby langauge.  Sometimes, Mommy and Daddy can
actually understand me.

But...out of all the things I did this month, my favorite thing is what I'm eating and drinking.  I can drink from a water bottle or real grown up cup
(with someone's help) and I usually don't spill much.  I also eat baby food from a spoon and everything.  Last month, I started rice cereal.  This
month, I got rid of Rice Cereal and I eat Oatmeal.  For lunch, I also have eaten Carrots, Sweet Potatos, Squash and Peas.  I love Peas.  I don't
really like Carrots. The other two are ok.

5 months  

    Hey everyone!  Thanks for checking back on me again and my adventures growing.  This month saw some pretty cool things happen.  My 5
month birthday was on July 4th which is also the USA’s birthday.  Over that weekend, I went to the shore and touched something called “sand” for
the first time.  Sand was fun but those waves….I really like to watch and listen to the waves but they were really cold.  That scared me.  
    My 2 favorite things to do this month, other than eat, poop and sleep, are playing in my new
Exersaucer and watching Baby Einstein!  The exersaucer is really cool!  I play for a long time standing in that thing with my toys.  Baby Einstein is
really cool too!  I get really into them.  One time, Daddy was standing in front of me and I tried looking around him to see it.  He must think
Grandpa was a glassmaker.  The funniest thing is when it’s over, I make a few sounds and Mommy or Daddy actually realize I’m telling them it’s
     Speaking of making sounds...I keep trying to talk to them but words don’t come out.  I speak baby really well and I understand what I’m
saying but they only understand me once in a while.  Most of the time, I talk to myself while I’m playing or make noises to get their attention when I
need the television channel changes, need to eat, have a “present’ in my know. I also blow bubbles and make clicking sounds just for
     Oh yeah!  I found I have feet.  I mean, I knew they were there but now I know they were meant to chew on.  Tasty too!
     Anyway, Daddy was looking at a couple sites about what I’m supposed to do and when.  Some of the stuff I’m advanced in but some of it…I
didn’t do yet.  Let’s see:         

4 months old  (updated 6/6/05)

Another big month in my life!  First off, I went for my 4 month check up.  I weigh 14 lbs 7 oz., I  am 25 inches long and my Head is 18cm.   Now
for my adventures:

I took for my first long distance car ride.  We went to New York City.  Some talent agent dude saw my pictures on the website and wanted me to
try out for a part in a commercial.  I yawned when they were giving me a photo shoot.  Daddy said I have to get a job and start pulling my weight
around here so I tried but oh well, nobody called so I guess I’m still out of work.  

I started having sleep problems.  Mommy and Daddy used to brag that I went to bed around 8:00pm and stayed a sleep until 4:00am or so.  
During the end of the month, I started getting up and was SO upset.  I couldn’t sleep anymore with my Binky.  I had a long talk with Mom and Dad
and after careful thinking, I decided I was a Binkyholic.  

But do you think they let me go to Binkyholics anonymous or take me off it slowly?  No way.  They made me quit cold turkey.  My quit day was
Friday June 3rd…one day before my 4 month birthday.  It’s been hard but I’ve been doing a pretty good job with it.  My hands are good
substitutes and I can’t loose them.  I do however have a problem of forgetting where they are and sometimes, I place them too far into my mouth
which makes me gag.  But, I’ll get the hang of it.

I talk more this month.  Well actually , I make more weird noises and everyone thinks I’m laughing at them but really I’m saying how stupid they all
look and sound talking to me.  They all use a silly baby voice when they don’t realize I’m “so big”.  I also started teething this month.  Lots of
slobber and drool.  It hurts my gums.  Sure wish a stupid tooth would come through.  I can’t stand the anticipation.  When I get teeth, Mommy said
she’ll give me moist rice cereal.  Ummm…food.  Maybe she’ll stick some pasta in the blender for me.  This should all happen in about 2 months.  I’
ll keep you posted


Today is mother's day and I tried to make this mother's day extra special since this is Mom's 1st Mom's day with me. I had Daddy type her a
poem....I made noises and he guessed what I was saying.  He's getting pretty good at speaking baby.  Then...I sent her a couple ecards,  well,
Daddytyped them...I just hit the "send" button.

This past month was a real busy one as far as me growing up goes.  So, I have the most to say so far.  Here it goes…I started making lots of
different sounds this month as I slowly move from talking baby to human English. Mommy and Daddy understand what my different sounds mean.  
They know what I’m saying when I’m hungry, tired, happy and curious.

Along with this I also began laughing more.  I don’t just giggle now, I laugh.  One day last week, I laughed harder than the people in the 1st row of
the def jam comedy show.  It was Mommy’s funny voice and big sister’s funny face that made me do it.  They recorded it but this website is too
small for video.

I can hold things now.  I held a pencil while Daddy helped me sign Mom’s poem I made her, I held her present bag and handed it to her, I like
holding blankets and my bear head cloth piece, and best of all…I like holding hair!  I took a chunk of sister’s hair last weekend.  Daddy thought it
was funny so I laughed.  She didn’t like it too much.

I found that I have feet.  I mean I knew they were there but I didn’t know you could grab them and kick with them.  

My arms and legs are getting stronger.  I can hold myself up for a little while longer when I’m on my belly but I can’t move yet. I can get side to
side  and I started trying to roll and turn but I can’t finish it quite yet.   When Mommy or Daddy play “so big” with me, I can stand up on my
own!!!!  Sometimes, I can even stand for like 10 minutes.  Yesterday, I took a step while Daddy was holding me.  I still have a few months before I
can walk but if I keep this up, I should be able to crawl or creep on my hands and knees very soon.  Then WATCH OUT WORLD I started trying
to roll and turn.

Some of my favorite things to do are, watch my baby Einstein videos, watch Daddy hit the keyboard, listen to music, stare at places where things
used to be and wonder where they went, sit in my aquarium chair or swing, play in my fortress of fun big brother made me, eat and sleep.

On a sad note…with all this new stuff I learn, I also learned how to be scared.   Twice this month, both times on Fridays, Mommy threw surprise
parties.  One was for Daddy and one was for Aunt Donna’s daughter.  When everyone yelled surprise, I got scared and cried.  I guess I’m sensitive

11 weeks

A lot has happened since I last updated (at 2 months).  Of course, most of it isn't really noticeable unless you pay attention.  For instance, I am
spending a lot of time looking at things and finding out new stuff!  A couple of days ago, I noticed that there are things all over the house that you
can look at and see another baby!  Mommy and Daddy say they are called mirrors and that it's me in there but I don't know ho I can get in them

My big brother made me a "fortress of fun" with all kinds of cool toys.  I spend about 15 minutes a day or so playing in it.  Daddy loves that I
actually play and don't just lay around like a blob.  Big Sister likes dancing in front of me and then moving from side to side.  I got tired of losing her
in my vision so I had to learn to move my head from side to side too.  Mommy always makes me laugh and smile.  Some people say they're
surprised how much I smile.  

I'm growing good too.  I hold my own head up and...with a little help...can sit up and watch people, things or that big box.  Mommy puts in dvd's
about some funny things bouncing around and making music.  She says they are teaching me letters and numbers but I think they just look funny.  
Oh...and I'm trying to talk.  Ofcourse, nobody understands me yet because it's only baby, but I'm still trying.  Click here to see what I should be
doing right now according to the Discovery Health website

2 months old

My picture website has been updated with 41 new pictures of me from the past month.  I have to admit, I am one really cute kid.  Let's hope I stay
that way.  

So, Friday I'm home alone with Daddy and usually, I get cranky by the time the old man comes home from work.  But tonight, I was in a pretty
good mood.  So...I played with one of my musical toys with him.  We played forever (well, 20 ,minutes but that's a really long time when you're
only 2 months).

Which brings me to saying congratulations to Mommy and Daddy.  This weekend is my 2 month birthday AND also their wedding anniversary.  1
year ago this weekend, they got married.  A month later, I showed up in the picture and lived for 40 weeks inside Mommy.  There lives will never
be the same (ha ha).  

Congrats guys

Easter 2005 - 7 weeks old

My first Easter.  Yeah!!!!!!   Mommy and Daddy talked to me alot about Jesus and everything he went through on Good Friday just for me!    A
lot of people came over on Easter Sunday to celebrate with us.  We had a really big dinner my Aunt Auttie cooked for us.  Well...I just sucked my
dinner but at least Mom ate a good dinner.

My recent accomplishments include: being able to sit in my swing...and liking it for about 20 minutes or so at a time.  Mom especially likes this
because it gives her a break from holding me when nobody else is home.  My biggest accomplishment this week....everybody who has a newborn
get ready to be jealous...I slept 7 hours straight one night!   Mom was really proud of me! 6 weeks old

Big week for me.  I really started responding well to Mommy.  When she smiles, I smile back.  Mommy's funny.  Daddy tries to be funny but I
usually just look at him like he's weird.  Big things though this week.  On the good side, I slept one night from 10:30 until 3:30 before I woke up to
get fed.  I've been sleeping good almost every night since I was born but this past week, I really started sleeping more like a big boy.  

On the bad side, I got my first cold.  I'm dealing with it pretty well but this stuffy nose thing is a pain...specially when I'm trying to eat.  How does
anyone breath when their mouth is full?

5 weeks old:
Wow.  Another big week.  Where to begin.  I went to the Doctor's on Friday when I turned 5 weeks old.  She checked me out and said I had
good reflexes and a strong neck.  I tried explaining to her that I was lifting my own head up the minute I popped out of Mom but she couldn't
understand my language.  I can't wait until I can speak Human so Mommy and Daddy know what I'm saying.  I also gained another whole lb.  I
weigh 11.5 lbs now which according to Doc, is in the 90th% for kids my age.  I try telling her it's all Muscle!   Anyway,  I kept smiling this week
and every once in a while, I laugh.  Usually, I laugh at how funny Daddy is but that's a different story.  I also got my first big tub bath this week (not
just in that little baby tub). It was scary but then I calmed down and the water felt nice.  Oh, and big step in my growing...I started drinking from a
bottle! I'm still nursing most of the time but now Mom can go out for more than 2 hours without worrying about feeding me.

1 month old:
It's been a tough month.  Sorry I haven't updated my site but Daddy's internet connection has been broken.    Let's see, this month I've gone
through my first 2 snowstorms.  Can't wait until I get older and get to go out in it.  Cenzo went in the yard to play in the snow and then came in a
shook on me.  He got me wet and it was pretty cool.  I didn't like that too much.  When I grow up, I'm getting a snow ball and throwing it at him.  I
went out for rides in our car.  The 1st time Mommy took me, the car broke down.  So, we bought a new mini-van.  I love the car and car seat.  It's
a very good place to sleep.   My favorite things to do are staring at the ceiling, eating, and sleeping.  Of course I cry sometimes but that's just to let
Mommy know I'm missing her.  Every once in a while, I laugh (which is really cool cause Daddy said I shouldn't do that for a while yet).  At my last
Doctor's appt., I weighed 9 lbs 12 oz which is almost 1 whole lb from when I was born.  My next appt is in a week.  I think I gained another whole


1 week old
My 1 week birthday happened and I went through a bunch of interesting stuff.  Most importantly, I learned to cope with those big bad hiccups.  
They are really scary.  I looked at a lot of cool things too.  Most importantly, I found my hand.  I lost it in my sleeve one night and was really upset.  
Now that I found it, I like to suck on it.  Mom and Dad say the best thing about me is that I sleep at night.  I only get up for feedings once I get
settled.  I do cry a lot but mostly when I'm hungry.  Oh yeah, my first Doctor's visit was last week.  Everything's cool.     


What happened and How was I born?:
I sprung a leak around 3:00 am on my original due date of 2/3.  I wanted to make sure I was on time.  There were no contractions and not enough  
to prove it was amniotic fluid so Mom, Dad and I went home.

On Friday, February 4, 2005......I decided I was ready to come out.  I wanted to make sure I came out today so Dad and my sister didn't miss
their soccer game and even more importantly, so Mom and everyone could be home to watch the Eagles play in the Superbowl.

We went back to the hospital around 5:00 am.  At 10:00 am, I helped Mom get to 7 cm.  
At 11:30 am, we were at 8 cm.  At 12:10 pm, the Doctor came in and broke the sac that I was living in for so long which made all the water come
out.  I suddenly had a lot more space to move but had my head stuck in some long tunnel thing.

At 12:45 pm, Mom started pushing me out and at 1:30 pm, I came into this world.  Everyone said how much black hair I had  and how adorable I
was!  I look JUST LIKE MY DAD did when he was born....Grandma Mimi brought a picture of him.  This might be a good or a bad thing...I
haven't decided yet!  
Giovanni Vincent Corabi

GIO's Info from Birth:
Fri. 2/4/2005, 1:30pm in Abington Memorial Hospital
weight: 8 lbs., 15oz.    length:  21.75" long
Hair Color: Brown      Eye Color: Blue

Just in case you "birth" stuff is...
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius          stone:  Amethyst         
flower:  Violet    Chinese Year:Monkey
1st year Journal