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21 and 22 Months

Had my 22 months physical.  I weigh 27.5 lbs and am 33" tall.  That doesn't sound like a lot but it's half Daddy's height (ha ha).  I do my own
webpage but this time, Daddy is going to write it for me.  Mommy gets her chance next time.  Enjoy

"These past two months have been amazing watching my son grow.  He is developing his personality and is a little person.  Most nights, I put him
to bed.  I start off holding him and we joke and I sing to him. Sometimes he tells me jokes too (like the song he made up for his "dubbity".   We
say our prayers together and he starts off folding his hands then places his head on my shoulder.  After a few minutes, I cradle him like a baby
(you know he's big now) which makes me feel special because he doens't usually let that many other people hold him like that.  

Each night, even if I don't hang around with hime because I wasn't home (coaching, volunteering, at meetings, etc), I walk into his room and
thank God for him.  I had no idea he would be this special to me.  Words can't explain it for real.

16.5 months – 18 months 1 and a half years old!!!

Hi everyone!  I’m back after a few months off running around from place to place.  I last updated my site in June when I was 16 and a half
months old.  Since then, I’ve traveled to Florida, Wildwood and Seaside.  

The trip to Florida was LONG but the trip back was easy.  We left about an hour before my bed time and ended up getting stuck in not 1 but 2
traffic jams for a total of 5 hours!  But, I was able to stay calm and patient, getting some pretty good sleep on our way down.  The way home, I
was sleeping almost the entire trip because we left around 5:30, I watched a movie on my dvd player, then went to bed.  When I got up, we
were already in Virginia.  I was home in time for my 12:00pm nap.   We went to the beach and pool almost every day and my schedule was
changed from 2 naps to 1!  My grandmom Mimi came to see me for a couple days in Florida and I said her name for the first time.  She was
really happy and I spent a lot of time with her.  She’s cool and plays with me a lot!  I also went on a playground for my first time.  There were 4
slides, a shakey bridge and stuff to run on.  It was really run!

In Wildwood, I saw all my cousins, aunts and uncles from Indiana and Ohio.  They were all really happy to see me and I was more than happy to
show off.  I liked the beach and water better in Wildwood although Mommy and Daddy think the water in Wildwood is too cold.  I guess I was
just used to it there.  One day, I played for like 2 hours straight in the sand while Daddy played Football.  When he came back, he asked me if I
wanted to go to the water and I got right up and followed him.  We played ball together another hour or so after we got out of the water.  The
next day, Daddy and Ri were playing soccer and Mommy took me to see them.  I kept calling for the ball and got upset when I couldn’t play.  
So when they were done, I took their ball and played for another hour or so.

Seaside is where we’ll go the rest of the summer.  We’ll go there 3 or 4 times.  I like it there because again, I get to see all of my cousins, aunts
and uncles.  Plus, Nanny is there.  She stays down there for a month and since I usually see her and showoff for her every weekend, I need to go
down there and entertain her.  

Generally speaking, I am learning quick!  Some of my most used words are Banana, (I also call Ri’s friend Danille “Nana”), Roll, More, bye, and
Heiny (big brother taught me that one).  Mommy and Daddy are always impressed about how much I know.  They both love how fast I am
learning but sometimes get sad with how fast I am growing up.  I have both of their strong points from their jobs in me too.  Daddy teaches gym
and coaches Soccer and Mommy teaches language.  Daddy is impressed each day by the way I dribble a soccer ball for a long time, throw,
climb, and go up and down the slide and tunnels at my house.  I can get down from furniture and most of the time, go down steps although
neither of them will let me do that by myself yet. Mommy is impressed that I not only say a lot of words, I can combine them into 2 and 3 word
sentences and understand almost EVERYTHING!

Examples:  When I want more roll or more banana , I say “more banana”.  One time, I asked my Nanny for “More roll Nanny”.   

As far as understanding, one day Daddy was sitting down on the floor and was about to take me out.  HE told me to go get my shoes and hat
and Mommy started laughing.  But…she didn’t know I knew what he was saying.  So, I got up, walked to my changing table, grabbed my shoes
(not my sandals) and picked out my favorite hat, then brought them to Daddy.   If that wasn’t good enough, Mommy and Daddy were sitting on
the couch and Daddy was too lazy to get off the couch and go change the channel himself.  So he asked me where the remote control was.  I put
up my hands to say “I don’t know” and he told me ,”yes you do, you had it last.  So, I got up and began looking for the remote.  Mommy didn’t
want me to waste my playing time looking for Daddy’s remote so she told me in Spanish where it was.  I went to the remote, picked it up and
brought it to Daddy.  They were so happy I understood them.

Now, they get me to go get and put back so many things.  Which, with Mommy and Daddy’s compulsive personalities, is something else they
like.  I put back my snack cups when I’m done, my water cup needs a particular space, I put the magnets on the fridge back AND they must be
in the correct direction, and I even occasionally go and get my own diapers when they need to change me.   They’ve created a little monster just
like them.  

Well, I guess that’s all for now.  We posted new pictures so take a look

16.5 months old
Hi. This month has been filled with so many milestones and new and wonderful moments that I asked mama to help me write all about it, so here

I am saying some more words now like puppy (for Vincenzo), Nanny, agua or wawa(for water), ball, Ri Ri (for Maria) and more along with the
old favorites, daddy, and mama. I feel bad for Anthony cause I can’t say his name yet but we are working on “Tony”. Every nap mama and I
stand under the ceiling fan for a second in my room and I look up and say “Ahhhhh”. I point to things a lot now cause I don’t know their names
yet so when I am hungry I just go to the pantry and point. When I want to go to bed, I ask for my
“dub-a-ty” (blankie) and run to the gate at the bottom of the steps. This is what you call communicating

I have learned a few new dance steps. When a beat really gets me moving now I don’t just move my arms up and down but I put my whole
body into it and lift one leg. It’s fun! I also can bend over standing up and put my head and hands on the floor in front of me. Nanny likes to
watch me every minute I’m awake and gets so happy with everything I do. So… sometimes I show off. I like to throw myself on the floor of the
shaggy rug room and see her laugh and laugh. Hey, she doesn’t get out too much!

Mama says I’m just like daddy because I ask for balls all day long and no matter what kind it is I kick it like a soccer ball all around. I also put
things where they belong like daddy. For example, after I take all of mama’s makeup out of her drawer and throw it on the floor, I pick it up and
put it back. I also like my cup on the tray of my high chair where it belongs-in the cup holder. When mama doesn’t put it there, I pick it up and
adamantly put it where it goes. But, I am a baby after all so I still like to throw it OFF of the tray and make everyone pick it up for me. LOL

I love to play on my deck, on the sliding board, and take long walks in my big red car. It’s fun to be outside all day!

I try to take care of myself now a little more. I know where shoes and socks go and how to brush my hair. I have a new chore and that is to feed
our puppy. Every night I am sure to take each and every kibble out of his bowl and hand feed it to him. He feels very special and I have a lot of
fun. Every now and then I throw the food around the kitchen floor but mama and daddy don’t like that too much. Cenzo likes it even less since
he has to go around the whole kitchen to gather up his dinner.

I still love to eat too. My favorite foods are bananas, raisins, grapes, blueberries, prunes, apricots, eggs, avocados, meatballs, cashew butter on
whole grain bread, pasta, greens in oil and garlic (hey, I’m Italian), pancakes, beans, French toast, and Cheerios. I only drink purified water and
haven’t had any dairy cause mama gives my calcium in other ways. My fruit and produce are organic too-she really loves me! LOL

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I am really feeling like a person now who knows what’s going on and am part of the family. It’s great. See you
next month. Adios

15 months old

Hi everyone!  I am 1 year and 3 months old and just had a checkup.  I weigh 22 lbs 4 ounces and I'm 2 feet, 7 inches tall.  I'm a little squirt but
still in the 50th percentile for height for my age.  

This past month, Mommy got me my first pair of sneakers.  I usually walk around in slippers or soft shoes but since I like to go outside and play
now, Mommy got me sneakers.  The first day I got them, I couldn't stop playing because it felt weird lifting my foot up with those heavy things on
them.  It was fun.

I love being outside now that the weather is nice.  I go everyday for a 2 mile walk with Mommy and Cenzo and a lot of days, another 1 or 2 mile
walk with Daddy when he gets home from work. Well, actually, they walk and I ride in my big red car.  Then when we come home, me and
Mommy spend a lot of time on the deck.  I play with my winnie the pooh train, my big bouncy ball and I play soccer and basketball.

Since the 1st time I started dribbing the soccer balls around the house, I've gotten pretty good.  I use both feet and dribble out on the deck back
and forth for a long time.  Occasionally, I pick the ball up, throw it, then run after it and catch up to it only to dribble it more.  Daddy comes and
steals the ball from me sometimes but I chase him until I get it.  Sometimes, me and my big sister team up on him and she dribbles the ball and
plays keep away from Daddy then passes it to me  and I dribble it or pick it up and run.

My big brother taught me ho to play basketball.  He picked me up and let me place my ball into the hoop.  Now, Daddy drilled a small
basketball court onto the plastic deck box (just my height).  Mommy didn't like so much that he did that but he did it anyway for me to be able to
play.  Now, I play basketball by myself for a really long time too.  Sometimes, I actually dribble the ball wit my feet soccer style to the basketball
court then pick it up and shoot it into the basket.

Last week, Daddy took me to Fox Chase and we played in the park.  It started to get late so we came home and kept playing in the yard
(soccer and tag).  At one point, Daddy, cenzo and big sister sat in the yard and stared at me hobble around.  I overheard him telling mommy how
happy he was that he can play with me like that and do those kinds of sports things.      

Also, my communication is getting really good.  I know how to put things back when Mommy and Daddy tell me too, get things and know how
to say "No" but politely.  For instance, when Mommy asks me if I want more water and I'm done, I shake my head and say" no".  I'm getting
there.  I also say Ri Ri, Daddy, and occasionaly Momma.  Of course, my favorite word is still Bop!

On a sadder note, I fell and hit my head really hard earlier this month because Cenzo knocked me over when we were trying to get Maria up for
school.  I hit my head on the wall and it left a big mark.  But it's been ok.   I gotta a hard head like Daddy
14 months old

Very Busy month this past month.  Mommy always says that," he's so busy you know".  She says this because I never stop doing things unless
I'm watching the Wiggles (or some of my other shows).

I really started to enjoy getting things and bringing them to Mommy, Daddy and Cenzo (my dog).  I started taking the spoons and pots early in
the month and now I take the spoons out of the drawer 1 or 2 at a time and place them all over the house.  Last weekend, I brought them all to trip after another.  Just like that, I also like to sometimes feed cenzo.  HE sits in the living room while I bring him food...1 piece at a
time. Another example of this is when I cleaned the tissue up.  I took a tissue out of the tissue box in the living room and tore it all up.  Daddy
told me to clean it up so I carried each piece one at a time to him standing next to the trash can.
Speaking of Cenzo, I think he has something to this pooping thing.  One night before my bath, I escaped my room and began running around the
house naked.  I decided to squat down and all of a sudden, there was poop on the floor!  I don't know what happened.  I thought it was funny
but something tells me Mommy and Daddy will only laugh at it one time.  

So, my favorite things to do is still play with any kind of ball and drummimg.  Everyday, I spend about 20 minutes or so walking around the house
drumming on everything and anything.  It's so much fun listening to the different sounds all the different things make.  The walls, the floors, the
chairs, Cenzo's head, etc.  I also learned some new stuff with the ball this month.  I started dribbling a soccer ball as you know a month ago.  
Well, this month, Daddy was standing watching tv with his ball and I had my ball.  We were kicking them and throwing them against the door.  
He started spinning the ball under his foot while standing on one leg.  I decided to mimic him and was able to spin the ball 2 times before I lost
my balance (I looked up at him instead of the ball).  Daddy was REALLY excited that I did that.  

I am really getting this human communication thing down too.  The only real word I say is Daddy but you don't need words to communicate.  For
instance, Mommy asked me if I wanted a snack while we were in the living room.  I got up, walked myself over to the snack closet, opened it up
and took out a peanut butter bar.  Of course, this wasn't what she wanted me to have but it was down on my level.  On another day, the phone
was ringing and Nanny didn't know where it was, so I brought it to her.  Still another day, Uncle Jim asked me if I wanted to watch a movie so I
picked out my favorite Wiggles movie and put it in the dvd player (upside down but hey, I'm only little).  But ofcourse, I need help too.  I can't
do everything myself yet.  So usually when I want something, I point at it and make a weird sound.  When I'm in my crib, like ready for bed, and
I want them to come in, I throw my blanket out of the crib.  They won't come if I'm crying so I need another signal.  This last week, I've made
Daddy come up every night so I can get a last drink of water before bed.  I must drink a half gallon of water every day!  He doesn't mind
because I go right to sleep after I get my last drink.

And I started 2 new communication things.  At bed time, I give Mommy kisses and right before Daddy is about to leave my room, I punch his
hand.   I'm learning QUICK and Mommy and Daddy always say how happy they are with me.

1 year, 2 months old

Hi everyone!  I'm back.  Last month, Mommy and Daddy wrote things about me but this month, it's me.

I was sitting talking with Daddy about what to write and I don't know where to start.  I am learning so fast!  It is fun playing.  I am really
interested in all of my toys.  This month, even more than before, I am taking my time to place things where they go.  For example, I have a toy
that makes cool noises when you place balls in it.  I have no problem finding the correct balls out of a big box full of different size balls and toys.   
My favorite toys (other than my sports balls) have to be the train my Grandma bought me and the drum sticks.  I walk around all day with the
drum sticks banging everything I can find (tables, trashcan, cabinets, Cenzo)

Speaking of balls, Daddy almost had a heart attack because I was playing soccer.  I found a ball, dribbled it with my feet down the hall, then
turned and kicked it to him.  He kicked it back to me and I missed it.  I then picked it up placed it where I wanted it and kicked it back to him.  
We did this like 4 times then finally, I stopped one of the balls he kicked to me by jumping on it like a goalie.  He was really excited.

Me and Cenzo have been having lots of fun.  He chases me around the house and I'm learning how to run.  I still like stealing his toys and running
with them.  But he takes mine too.  Tonight, I didn't want him chewing my ball so I hit him with my drumstick.  But then, without Mommy or
Daddy telling me, I went to Cenzo's toys and brought him a stuffed animal to chew.  Mommy and Daddy laughed but I didn't see what was funny
about it.

Ok.  My nap schedule changed this month.  I now take only one nap around 11:30 or so and sleep for 1-2 hours.  Momma likes the 2 hour naps
better but I just have so much fun playing and watching the wiggles.  

Also, Momma and Daddy are taking note to how much language I understand.  I know many words and follow directions pretty well.  I can get
things and bring them back and know what rooms they are telling me to go to.  Just tonight, we are in the living room watching tv and playing.  
Then Daddy said "ok, time for your bath".  So, I walked to the steps and began climbing up them.  I noticed big brother's glue bottle was on the
step and I always notice Momma telling big brother and big sister to carry stuff up, so I figured I'd do my part.  I climbed up with the glue bottle.  
When we were up stairs, Daddy said to "take the glue to Anthony's room.  I knew right where to go.  Then he said, "go to the tub" and I knew
where that was too.   It's been a real fun 13th month.
Giovanni Vincent Corabi
1 year old Journal