Well..last week, Gio went through what we thought was his first pimple and it turned out to be a boil.  It was a puss filled, painful blister right on his chin and I nick
named it "Lumpy". All in all, Gio was a trooper for this first blemish of puberty (sort of).  In addition, he went to an ear nose and throat Doc this past week to find
out he had vocal cord nodules and some sort of chronic salivary gland thing (nothing serious but a little soreness after running).  For one of the tests, the Doc had to
shove a wire up his noise and down to view his vocal cords.   Once again, very brave and tough!  

1 day after Christmas we went to Grandmom Mimi's to visit and had dinner at Iron Hill.  I had Cheesesteak egg rolls and BBQ Pork Mac & Cheese.
This past weekend, we had a wonderful celebration of our Savior's Birth..first at Church on Christmas Eve, then back to our house for the 7 fishes..but not the
traditional 7 ones.  We had Shrimp, Tuna, Crab, Flounder, Calamari, Clams and Mussels. Gio tried a few different items as he tried to eat new foods.  
Sunday morning on Christmas day, we came down and had our usual Christmas morning celebration.  Anthony and Maria and Maria's Fiancé' Jim joined us.
After opening up all of his gifts including Cozmo the robot, a Starwars drone attack game, 2 XBOX game sets (4 games in all), and a bunch of other gifts..Gio
proclaimed...this is my best Christmas ever.  He also proclaimed his favorite 3 gifts was Cozmo, Call of Duty and a big stuffed Bear he named Griz (He's almost 12
but doesn't want to grow up too fast).  

It's been a while since I updated this site for Gio and some big things happened.  First off, the 9/19 post stating bone bruise...well at some point he managed to break
it. 2 weeks after the bone bruise was diagnosed, we took him for another XRAY and it showed a fracture and new bone grown.  So, a boot and almost 6 weeks
made him miss almost the entire soccer season.  During the season though, he was still able to take part with his team in the Philadelphia Union weekly Radio show
on ESPN radio as the youth team of the week.  At the end of the season, he did manage to play in 5 more games and scored a couple of goals.  His FC UNITED
team won the UJSL U13 championship and came in runner up in the ICSL U12 Elite Division.  

Aside from soccer, Gio continued to do well in school.  His 1st report card in his final year at Rydal Elementary had almost all "A's for Advanced. His only P's
(Proficient) were in 2 grades associated with Reading and his gym grade (keep in mind he spent almost 6 weeks with a broken foot).  ALL of his behavior marks
were Excellent. Mommy and I are very proud of him and his fabulous work!

Then there is Piano.....GIO has been great this fall.  He's been working diligently to be
THE accompanist for his 5th/6th grade chorus in the Rydal Elementary winter
concert.  We were very proud of him and you can watch the video

You know I've said this before on the web journal but I mean it..I am so very proud of our son.  Giovanni is a really good boy and I can not imagine a better boy to
call my son.  So so proud of him!

Thought he broke his foot but it's only a bone bruise.  Just got PSSA scores - Advanced in MAth and Proficient in English.  Favorite pasttime still video games  

Since 7/5, Gio got to go to the shore a bunch and play with his cousins.  Pokemon Go has been one of his obsessions and his friend Brian gave him all of his old
Pokemon cards!   This past weekend, we celebrated his Mommy's bday with lunch and then cheesecake dessert.  And at the VE tournament, HE scored 2 goals in
14 seconds to help his team win the tournament.  School starts soon and it'll be his LAST YEAR in Rydal.....he's growing so fast!                                 

Well it's been a while since we updated this log.  A lot has happened.  As far as his surgery and recovery, he is 100%!  No issues or set backs but then again, it's
been almost 3 months since I last posted.    Since then, we finished a final soccer season with the original FC UNITED 2004-2005 team.  Our Spring season ended
up with a respectable record and he made the new 2005 age pure United team with Coach Brian Carey.  I was asked to be one of his assistants but my role will be
diminished for sure which is okay.  Beach Blast was the last event with the old team and we went 1-1-1. Gio playd GK the 1st game and part of the 2nd then played
out on the field and did well.  Sort of glad it's over and he can start fresh.  He's excited about his new role.  Particularly since he's getting bigger.  I n visually see him
getting thicker, a little bit more muscular (not like "buff" or "chisled" but not skin and bones..he's growing up.)  and he's sort of tall now all of a sudden.   Also during
this time was his Spring Piano recital and he KILLED it!  Absolutely AWESOME on the keys.  So good in fact that hs school music teacher noticed and asked him
to be the official accompanist when he is on 6th grade for the spring concert!  That is a huge honor as the school normally pays a professional to do it so not only are
they saving money but they are trusting him with that responsibility.  At one point this spring in addition to al lof this, he played back grround music in church for
communion.  So..his piano skills are really taking off.  Another event just recently was Gio go to go to Ryan and Sam's wedding in Pittsburgh.  He was so excited to
see he had his own name card for his table spot, ate well and danced up a storm!    As always, I am so blessed to be able to spend my summer with him and looking
forward to the next event!

Update :  Since 4/3, Gio has some ups and downs.  On Monday 4/4, He went to the surgeon for a follow-up and they found evidence of an infection so they
prescribed antibiotics.  He went to school Tuesday but had to leave early.  Stayed home Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday, he was going to school but got himself
so upset about the "bad taste" of the medicine, that he gagged and threw up.  From that point, he was taking his medicine in a smashed banana or pudding.  On
Sunday, he played in his 11 v 11 soccer, made a very nice. aggressive play on a through ball and hurt his ankle...missed the rest of the game.  Gio's dramatic reaction
on the way home "This has been the worst couple of weeks ever.  I've been more sick this year than ever before"  Hang in there son!  it gets better!

Everything is going well.  Gio got his report card and once again, all A's and P's (Advanced and Proficient).   He is also recovering fast these past couple weeks.  Just
last Monday, he went to his first soccer practice and after he played 20 minutes, needed to sit out.  HE tried to do the monkey bars after practice and fell off the bars
after the 3rd rung when it's normally easy for him to go all the way across back and forth.  Then...just 3 days later, he played the entire 90 minute practice and
played on the monkey bars no problem.  He was considerably slower and not as strong playing as he's been lately but still...a drastic improvement from 3 days
earlier.  Getting better fast.  Praise God!

Gio has been home since Friday.  He's had his ups and downs.  Each day, a little better than before.  The Antibiotics were causing hime to have to use the bathroom
every 10 mins and it was watery.  It also hurt him.  As of today, he can stand up straight, his antibiotics were stopped by Doctor's orders, and his bowels are
improving each day.  Today, they were loose but considerably more regular.  We went out to lunch today to his favorite type of meal (Hibachi steak house show)
and he ate a big lunch.  Lil guy lost almost 15 lbs since getting sick so we need to fatten him up.  Praise God though he is getting a little better each day and tomorrw,
we are trying a half day back at school            

  Gio is being released from the hospital today!!!!!  YAY!!!!
He is still in a lot of pain. The incisions cut through muscle so are painful. Since the appendix leaked there are lots of toxins there that have to be
gotten rid of by antibiotics. He isn't eating either. They say this is all normal but very rough for all of us. Don't know when he can go home. Please continue to pray!

3/16/2016        Update on Gio. He is doing worse than this morning but thats to be expected . He has pain at the incision site so is getting Motrin and Tylenol for
that.  He doesn't really have an appetite. They have him on IV fluids since he has a slight fever. He is on IV antibiotics for the infection that leaked from the
appendix. His throat hurts from the breathing tube bit.....he will be better.  God is good always!  hope he'll be home soon                 
Upset Tummy was more than that..Appendix. ! Momma took him to ER early in morning to get evaluated because his tummy hurt so bad.  12 hours
later, we are sitting in CHOP preparing for surgery.  ....update. 45 mins later.Gio just got out of surgery. All went well. He had appendicitis and it didn't burst but
there was some leakage of the toxins there so he has to stay in the hospital probably until Thursday night or Friday morning so this is our home until then. Thank you
for the prayers and keep praying for our time here and that he recovers quickly. Love to all of you who prayed, commented, called, messaged etc. We are truly
blessed by you!!
Home sick today.  Tummy.  Being a big boy brave                                

Sking Friday with big bro...home sick Saturday.  Finished Statistics poster finally Monday.             
Last Night, Gio's team won the Winter session 1 YSC Indoor Championship.  HE scored in the first game.  So proud of his effort!            
Technically, this post is being made as Gio is still 10.  But, I wanted to spell out his 11 year old birthday celebration.  For the kid who didn't want ta party..this is his
birthday:  1) Saturday = Car show and dinner by choice in China Town.  2) Sunday family dinner...his choice = Filet Mignon. Tuesday = Flyers game.  Wednesday
= cake at Cross Check. His actual Bday...Thursday = Dave and Busters!  Spoiled. Just kidding,.  Glad we can celebrate our son.  Oh and to make it extra special, on
Sunday morning, Gio scored a hat trick in his YSC game for Fox Chase FC united...start of a good week!                                

11 years old