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From Dad
Well I've been neglectful in all of my postings for Gio this year but now that he's older, pretty soon, he'll have his own social media account somewhere and he'll be posting his own items for all to
So..I will continue to do this every once in a while as an online journal of his life until he turns 13, 16, 18...who knows....maybe whenever he tells me to stop.
So, since the last time I updated, Gio's soccer team finished 3rd place in the Elite division of ICSL and Champions of the UJSL Union division, U12 11 v 11. In addition, he had a stellar piano recital
where he played beautifully.  In addition, we went to Orlando Florida and visited Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, and Universal's Islands of
After all of that, he received a fabulous report card with all high marks and....the tipping point of the fall/beginning of winter...GALAXY PREMIER of STAR WARS EPISODE 7 the FORCE

From Dad.
It was a great summer again with my son.  There were time when I had to get frustrated with him or he was bored but all in all, it was a fantastic summer. A real Blessing to have off all the time
with him.  I hope that he continues to like spending time with me as he gets older.   Today is our family's annual labor day picnic.  He had 9 cousins around his age here and that's a ton because
normally he only has 1 or 2 at most.  It was a fun exciting party to end the summer.  Okay, BACK TO SCHOOL and my boy is going into 5th grade...5tha grade!  I can't believe it!


From Gio.  It has been a great summer so far.  My Mommy and Daddy get to spend a lot of time with me since they are both teachers.   Summer vacation started out going to Beach Blast in
Wildwood.  It rained a ton and our games were cut short but overall, it was a fun time.  Of course we went to Seaside most weekends and I get to play with my cousins Jessie and Sammy and
also see all my other cousins, aunts and uncles.  We also went to the Poconos and I played 2 days straight with the Didessi girls.  Last week I went to Wildwood again and got to see my cousin
Sara.  It's really been a fun summer.  But. my very favorite thing to do is play video games on my tablet.  I LOVE IT.  I love it so much, Daddy gets mad at me for playing so much!  


Hey all....Happy Spring!  Over the last few weeks, my son had some ups and downs.  He was really upset to hear he may need glasses but I keep telling him it'll be fine.  They are only for distance
it seems.  Appointment pending.  He also was really upset about some projects for APEX that stress him out.  On a positive note, we wet to Florida as a family and had a great time.  We were able
to Worship at Calvary Fort Lauderdale and have a great time with awesome pool!  pool was closed which made him cry again.  

Today, he has the PSSA's and I know he'll do well!  


Yesterday Gio had a full length YSC indoor game against a really good team and 2 Futsal playoff games.  In the YSC game, I had him play defense mostly and he did well.. no goals were his fault.  
In the futsal games, he scored 2 goals in the first game including the game tying and go ahead goals and another goal plus an assist in the 2nd game.  I was impressed with his level of play that

Today, He asked to use his saved up money, gift cards and credit to buy a new WIIU system.  I'm so proud of my boy for making a sound decision and saving his own money up.  Of course,
most of the money was from his Birthday but he still gives some to church on Sundays and at Cross Check and puts some in his own college fund.  Well..the college fund he actually does
contribute to..the church money I give him but he thinks it's his own money.


since my last entry, my son has had a relatively normal couple of weeks.  For school, he successfully completed his 4th grade "statistics" poster project with a little help from me and Mommy,
finished his name photo project.   For Piano, he is virtually mastering his new classical music song "song of seville" on piano and can play 4 worship songs with near perfection.    In soccer, he's
been really busy playing on the Rec team, FC united and Revolution.  He's been trying defense out to make him more versatile.  His actual birthday party was quite fun as we had his whole FC
united Soccer team, his friend Kenny, his cousin Jessie and a handful of other friends from Rydal come to our house, eat Pizza then pile up in cars and go to the movies to see the Sponge Bob
Movie.  The boys were perfect little angels.  After the movie, we came home and the kids played for like 2 hours.  Then they were crazy (in Gio's words) but to me, they were all just having fun.  
It cleaned up easy.  We sang Happy Birthday 2 times to him including the famous Erichetti rendition of the Spanky and Our Gang song "It's somebody's Birthday".    

One of the days, we had a snow day for 5 inches of snow and me and Gio went sledding.  We ran into the Mullers and had lots of sledding fun!

One moment that did stand out though....He got to do a photo shoot for canon to be on a website promotion in Japan.  Pretty cool!  It was a freezing cold day and Mommy took time off work to
take him.  It was at the Art Museum    

Love every moment with him!


Throughout the life of my son Giovanni, I (Dad), have maintained this web page with a journal entry every once in a while stating important things that have happened to my son.  Almost all of the
time, I have written it as if I'm actually Gio..even when he was an infant.   From now on, I am going to place my thoughts directly from my voice and not pretend it's Gio.  If there is an entry
from Gio, it's actually from Gio.  When he tells me to stop, I'll stop.  I bet eventually, he'll get a social media account of some sort (maybe at 12-13, 14) and he'll ask me to stop this journal...Until
then, I cherish my boy

My first entry of the year comes on his Birthday.
Today, February 4, 2005, my little boy TURNS the BIG 1-0. HE IS 10 YEARS OLD....DOUBLE DIGITS.

I can't believe looking back how fast my son has grown.  He is a WONDERFUL, polite, Intelligent, Cute, Funny, Athletic, Musically Talented boy.  Of course every once in while he does
something to get into trouble so I'm not saying he's perfect..but I could not ask for a better son.  At 10 years old, he still cherishes our time together at "bed time business". Sometimes, I think he is
just trying to stay up later, but I can also see that other times, he is genuinely disappointed if I rush bed time reading and devotion time OR am not home to do it.  That's special.  Most little kids at
his age like to be tucked in but I find their parents have them read a few minutes alone in their room.  Some even have tv's they watch at this young age.  But my son, he just wants time with Dad.

My dad died in 2014 and I miss him for who he became.  But truth be told looking back at my childhood, he wasn't a great father or a great Dad.  I've always tried to be a great Dad and it seems
like Gio thinks so.  That is so special to me.  

Seeing Gio turn 10 means more to me than words can explain.  MY SON!!  WOW!!!  God Blessed Cindy and I with this boy and I pray that he continues to grow but stays a fine young man.  I'm
sure he won't be perfect but I think he's going to be okay!  

I love you son!  Happy Birthday

Giovanni Vincent Corabi
10 years old!  My Journal