One of the main goals of Physical Education at Rush Arts
other than to teach the students the importance of daily physical activity,
it's benefits, and basic principals of how to be physically active,
is the need to get their body to a healthy level of fitness.  

It is not expected that students will become superstar athletes
but to meet national researched and recognized norms in physical fitness testing.  

This page provides  links to downloads and websites that explain the
fitness components, the fitness tests we use, and creating personal fitness improvement plans

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Fitness tests and personal fitness
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Fitness Tests Information

Components of Fitness tested = Cooper Institute

VIDEO: What is aerobic capacity? = Cooper institute
(Pacer and Mile tests)

VIDEO: Muscular Fitness = Cooper Institute
(push ups, curl ups, trunk lift and sit and reach)

(Body Mass Index information see Obesity page)

DOWNLOAD: interpreting the fitnessgram results = cooper institute

What are Healthy Fitness Zones:  Cooper Institute

DOWNLOAD: High school healthy fitness zone as of June 2017=
cooper institute "Fitness gram" and U.S. ARMY 100% standards

United States ARMY TESTING STANDARDS (Detailed)


SEE "basics" page for more details on personal exercise

Self Check Quiz and e-flash cards vocabulary =
Practicing Fitness = Glencoe Health

DOWNLOAD = Fitness Plan Principals = Mr. Corabi

VIDEO: Components of Health Fitness and Skill Fitness = MussyPDHPE

MP3 Download: Planning a Physical Activity Program= Glencoe Health

DOWNLOAD:Creating a Personal Fitness Program Powerpoint =
Glencoe Health

Article: F.I.T.T. Principal = About .com

VIDEO = FIT Principal slideshow to Christimas music = Ming Wei

VIDEO = Fitt Principal slideshow lecture =Ms Granger (you tube)

Article:  SMART GOALS = Health on the run

VIDEO = SMART goals = Dr. Mike Clark as posted on TPG (you tube)

VIDEO=  SMART goals quick review = Tanya Stroh (you tube)

VIDEO: VO2 Max calculator (Maximum Aerobic Capacity) = Shape Sense