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can be difficult task.  

One must consider:

1) Their activity preferences :
That is, what you like to do.  Do you like
playing sports, going out running, going to a gym and working with weights,
following an exercise class.  Do you like participating by yourself or with

2) What your goals are:  Are you trying to lose weight, maintain or
improve fitness, just stay generally physically active, prepare for a

3) what limiting factors there are perhaps you enjoy team sports but are
too busy to meet up with your friends.  Perhaps you love going to the gym
but homework, family, friends limit this option.  Maybe you love skiing but it
just costs too much money.

If you choose to exercise you then need to consider

4) What types of exercise you are going to do

The box to the right give a few possible exercise or fitness programs for you
to do.
For each item, you need to assess if it is
1) beneficial to you for your goals or fits your needs
2) enjoyable and interesting
3) realistic
FULL Soccer style training workout
created by Coach Corabi